Future Reclaim Australia rallies to have “10x the numbers”

Future Reclaim Australia rallies to have “10x the numbers”
THE man behind the Reclaim Australia rallies that enjoyed mixed amounts of success nationally is promising that future rallies will have “10x the numbers”
Who was behind the Violence at Reclaim?


Funny, when Muselmaniacs go on a rampage we are told “its only a tiny minority of excremists”- but when Aussies take a stand against the Islamisation of their country they are suddenly all “racist-bigot-Nazis”, at least for  Eliza Sum, a scribbler from the Geelong Advertiser:
Reclaim Australia organisers made it clear they don’t want types like the above show up on their rallies. But this is what halfwits pounce on, this is the propaganda they crave to discredit the resistance.