Indonesia executes two Australians


Indonesia executes two Australians, Australia Embassy responds with grants up to $20,000 for projects to foster goodwill

Here is the link to the grants program.

In simple terms, Australia borrows money from China to send to Indonesia where it’s handed to the person who comes up with the best way to spend the money (as chosen by the Ambassador’s driver).  (Michael Smith News)

“The executions went well”,

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia (Indonesian National Police) quoted in Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post quoting the RI Attorney General confirming that Sukumaran and Chan were shot and killed earlier today.

A warning from Andrew Bolt:

Be very careful about how we punish Indonesia

6 thoughts on “Indonesia executes two Australians”

  1. I bet this is the only time in their lives that they called themselves ‘Australians’.

    I hear it every other day from migrant children, ‘I consider myself ******* where my parents come from, I’m not Australian’.

    Multiculturalism, the biggest con pulled on the stupid west!

  2. I saw one video clip on a news broadcast of the extremely well built Myuran Sukumaran being absolutely unnecessarily manhandled (to the extent of the arm being possibly broken) by a tiny Inodnesian “monkey” (apologies to real monkeys”) who was trying to big note himself – while Myuran Sukumaran has to tolerate this indonesian coward’s hubris !!!!

    Yeah – I know why he was in the situation – islam Appeasment !!!

  3. Ironside so true. They also displayed their true origins when they tried to finger the mules and didn’t care a whit whether the mules copped the death penalty. One born in England to tamil sri lankans and the other born from Chinese parents. Asian values. Where was Sri Lanka, India, China or the UK in all this?

  4. I suggest that you people try and understsand what happened. I have a great deal of repect for these two Australians who were murdered by these indonesian thugs – they made a mistake and they worked damned hard to better themselves. Their executions will not affect the Indonesian drug trade one iota, but they were murdered in order to generate positive publicity for the miserable failure that is widodo. Incidentally, if you idiots believe what the indonesia police say was the intelligence they got from them then you are as dumb as the AFP morons who handed these two people to the little men with bad attitudes called indonesians. Why were Sri Lanka and other countries not involved – BECAUSE THEY WERE AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS!!! I do not believe that Indonesia should remain unpunished for this act – the joke that we need these morons is just that – a joke. They are the weakest link in both anti-terror activities and anti-people smuggling activities., We do not need them, and while they have a large military the vast majority of it will just provide a rich target environment in a real conflict. The indonesdians ae incapable of pushing abouve their weight and they weight very little. After the murder of eight people, with two more to follow soon, I find the very cocept of sharing a planet with these pathetic scumbugs rather non-appealing. The fact that they are islamic freaks makes then even less appealing – as they say – islam makes evil look good.

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