Not “Islamophobia”, Francophobia!

Wingeing, whining Islamosupremacists just can’t understand why France won’t submit.  They also don’t seem to know the difference between France and Germany, as you can tell from the picture they published with the article below.

Islamophobia in France soars to record heights
Islamophobia in France soars to record heights

Abdullah Zekri, the the head of the French National Observatory against Islamophobia has said that anti-Muslim acts rose by 500 percent.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Anti-Muslims acts have hit a record high in the first trimester of 2015, according to the head of the French National Observatory against Islamophobia.


Abdallah Zekri, head of the Observatory said in a statement that anti-Muslim acts rose by 500 percent, compared to the same period in 2011.

” Never since the establishment of the Observatory in 2011 have Islamophobic acts known such an implosion of actions or threats, especially on social networks,” Zekri said on Thursday.

Zekri stated there were 222 anti-Muslims acts during the 1st quarter of 2015, (56 attacks and 166 threats) against a total of 37 acts in 2014 – ” An increase of 500 percent,” said Zekri.

Zekri added that the number of anti-Muslims acts in January 2015 reached 178.

He explained that this “burst” was mainly due to the deadly attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, followed by a hostage situation in a kosher supermarket two days later, leaving a total 17 people dead.

“However, those horrific and terrifying crimes cannot justify under any circumstances the steep rise of hatred or revenge against Muslims in France,” stressed Zekri.

Not a word about the horrific crimes the Muselmaniacs commit on their French hosts and the terror they inflict on French Jews. (SY)

“They (Muslims of France) are not responsible or guilty of committing these terrorist acts that devastated the country,” he added.

Oh yes they are. Mohammedanism always applies collective guilt. We need to turn the tables on them.

Zekri said the assaults targeted men and women, generally in public places and transportation, and in some instances pregnant women.

He also said that in certain cases, targeting mainly places of worship , grenades and firearms had been used.

“This is simply racism and rejection of men and women who aspire to just be respected,” said Zekri.

Respect must be earned. No self-respecting Frenchman needs to respect Mohammedans who hate everything about France but bleed their welfare system….

“Does the motto of the Republic ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ make any sense? Unfortunately, the question (must be asked),” added Zekri.

That was meant for French people, not for Mohammedan cultural enrichers.

Zekri went on to accuse political leaders of remaining silent in the face of such an increase of anti-Muslim acts.

“All this happens without any reaction from politicians, who, instead of denouncing, try to find excuses,” he said.

Zekri said that the political silence fed radicalization and pushed youths to leave to join extremist and terrorist groups.

“Fundamentalism feeds fundamentalism and it is not surprising that young people, who feel excluded, marginalized and accused of all evils, are radicalized and leave to be killed for free, considering that they have no future in this country,” Zekri concluded.

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  1. Australia’s islam Appeasing “Authorities” are still islam Appeasing and THE islams ARE STILL in Australia !!!

    Australia’s islam Appeasers …. are
    Traitors and Seditionists to Australia’s Society … and are
    1. Australia’s Politicians,
    2. Australia’s Politicals,
    3. Australia’s Local Government Councillors AND
    4. The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructive “Australians” !

    If these Australian “Authorities” – aka “islam Appeasers“” DO NOT totally remove THE islams from Australia !

    . . . . These Australian “Authorities” – “islam Appeasers“” will be removed !!

    . . . . THEN the islams will be removed !!!

    NB: Often touted – “Natural (Australian) Born” islams – CANNOT be deported/expelled from Australia !!!
    – RUBBISH . . . .
    – From the moment of “birth” into islam THEY ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN!!!
    – From the moment of “conversion” to islam THEY ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN !!!

  2. This is (also) the danger that Australia is facing from its own leaders and people in positions of authority, that they are in complete denial when it comes to the menace of Islam and its followers.
    (NO – I personally believe this TREASON & SEDITION (all denial) is a personal CONSCIOUS choice of Australia’s “Authorities“)

    These are the “useful idiots” that Lenin described – fools who help the very people who are out to destroy them.

  3. people on “death row ” confess their crimes but still don’t want to die. Nor should they lie down & let people shoot or cut off their heads passively (he who is without sin can make the fatal cut.)

  4. “anti-Muslim acts rose by 500 percent.”

    Is that Muslim math being used to come up with the number?

    Muslim Math: Where provocative numbers are pulled out of the thin air, because Muslims think it will garner more sympathy and deferential treatment.

    Or exaggerated and inflated numbers to infer or rally greatness or bravado.

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