Oz Terror Plot: from ‘Teenagers’ to ‘Men’, all in a Day…

Melbourne, Australia: Teenagers Muslims Arrested Over Alleged Anzac Day Jihad Mass Murder Plot Inspired by Islamic State

Our reliably-Islamophile ABC has, of late, been trying hard to represent Australia-resident Muslims as poor little persecuted victims of the mean and nasty and, of course, ignorant and stupid Australian Infidel Islamophobes who just don’t understand the sheer wonderfulness and peacefulness of Islam…and then they find themselves having to report something like this.  A Muslim plot to attack Australians on the One Day of the Year.  Breaking news. 


“Men arrested” in Melbourne over alleged ‘ISIS-inspired’ Anzac Day terrorist plot

“Our” ABC is in the hands of  of degenerates. These  people are not just ordinary leftist wankers, they are rigidly stupid. (SY)

“Men (sic: they are Muslims, and if they were not Muslims they would not have been hatching a plot to kill non-Muslim Australians, specifically, non-Muslim Aussie policemen – CM) Over Alleged “ISIS-Inspired” Anzac Day Terrorist Plot”.

“Counter-terrorism police have alleged that two fo the five men they arrested in an operation in Melbourne this morning were planning an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on an Anzac Day ceremony.

Of course.  Lots of people gathering together in close proximity …and in the dark, just before dawn, when it would be easy to infiltrate without being seen.  RSL and all law enforcement and military – and ordinary Aussie citizens, those who like myself are aware of the nature and goals of Islam – take note. Be on your guard at all those dawn ceremonies, each and every one of them, all over Australia. – CM

‘Sevdet Besim, 18, of Hallam, has been charged with conspiring to commit a terrorist act, and appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

In related news:

“He did not apply for bail, and was remanded in custody until next Friday.

‘However the defence told the court Besim would apply for bail at a later date.

‘A second man, 18, from Hampton Park, was also arrested on terrorism-related offences this morning during a major joint counter-terrorism team operation.

‘A third man was arrested for weapons offences, and two other men were in custody assisting police with their inquiries, after seven search warrants were executed.

I wonder what mosque/s these young Muslim males of military age – and/ or their families – attended?  The mosques will, of course, claim to know nothing about them or the plot. The AFP and the Melbourne Police and ASIO would be well advised to surprise-search such mosques, once identified, as swiftly as possible; and all associated premises.  And they should not take at face value any claims, by the family and friends and mosque bosses, that this plot is a total surprise and everyone is shocked! shocked! – CM

‘Three of the five men arrested were injured in the operation.

‘One suffered a head wound and another resisted arrest.

‘Capsicum spray was used to subdue the man.

Cries of “police brutality!” and “Islamophobia!” and “Racism!” and “torture!” and “persecution!” and “We wuz fwamed!” in 3…2…1…? – CM

‘The Australian Federal Police said that they believed the two 18 year olds were plotting an attack to take place on Anzac Day.

Of course.  All Infidel high days and holidays, whether religious or secular, are routinely targeted by Muslims, since they represent non-Islamic belief systems and non-sharia-compliant systems of government. I am not surprised that jihad-minded Muslims in Australia would select Anzac Day as a time on which to attack the Infidels. – CM

‘Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said it was believed the attacks were to have involved the use of “edged knives”.

Is there such a thing as a non-edged knife?   But I get the picture.  A mass stabbing amidst an Anzac Day crowd in the pre-dawn darkness?  A seize-and-behead? – CM

“It is alleged both men were undertaking preparations for a terrorist attack at an Anzac Day activity in Melbourne, which included targeting police officers”, he said.

‘AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan described the plot as being inspired by Islamic State (IS).

“At this stage we have no information that it was a planned beheading. But there was reference to an attack on police”, he told a news conference in Melbourne.

“Some evidence that was collected at a couple of the scenes and some other information we have leads us to believe that this particular matter was ISIS-inspired.”

And Islamic State is Muslim to its bootstraps, scrupulously obeying the instructions laid down in the Quran and Sira and Hadith, the sacralised example of the deeds and words of Mohammed and his ‘Companions’.  Which example includes the carrying-out of multiple beheadings. – CM

‘This morning’s operation involved 200 police officers (200 officers in order to arrest five Mohammedan mobsters. Perfectly sensible.  I observe that when push comes to shove, Australian law enforcement appears to have discovered that when arresting Mohammedans and / or attempting to execute search warrants on Mohammedan premises, it is best to deploy overwhelming force from the get-go, so as to deter the formation of the usual Mohammedan insta-mob. – CM) and was the culmination of Operation Rising.

‘The ABC understands that a number of the arrested men attended the Al Furqan Islamic study centre in South Springvale and were associates of Abdul Numan Haider, who also attended the centre.

‘Haider was shot and killed by counter-terrorism police in September last year.

‘AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan said members of the community should not feel anxious.

“At this stage we’re comfortable that we have this threat fully contained”, he said.

Until the next plot happens, and the next and the next and the next..more and more of them, happening faster and faster, as the Ummah colonies in Australia grow in numbers and in perceived and actual strength.- CM

“[Members of the public] should feel reassurance as a result of the operations.”

But it would be a good idea to be very much alert and aware when preparing for and/ or attending one’s local Anzac Day celebration; especially the Dawn Services.  I will be going to the Dawn Service in my suburb. And I will keeping a sharp lookout.  I will be talking to a couple of RSL kinsmen who are involved with planning Anzac Day events, and encouraging them to put all able-bodied participating Old Soldiers, and local police, on high alert.  One hopes an Australia-wide warning has gone out; but I’m not going to take that for granted. – CM

‘Resident said raid was a ‘shock’.

People, if you have visibly-identifiable Muslims resident in your suburb, this sort of thing should not be a ‘shock’ at all. Got Muslims? – Got Jihad. Sooner or later. Guaranteed. – CM

‘Searches are continuing at several addresses in the south-eastern metropolitan area and investigations are ongoing.

‘David Johnston lives near one of the houses raided in Hallam and said he was on good terms with the residents.

Mate: ever heard of a Hadith that says, “We smile at some people, though our hearts hate them?”  Or the other Hadith in which Mohammed says, “War is deceit”??  You need to read up about taqiyya, kitman, muruna, tawriyya, the myriad methods of Muslim deceit vis a vis the filthy unbelievers who must never, never be befriended except temporarily and feigningly, for Muslim advantage. – CM

“It just frightens you because you don’t know what’s happening”, he said. “It’s just a shock.  You wouldn’t think it would happen in your street”.

If there are Muslims in your street, then it can happen and it does happen and it will happen.  You shouldn’t be shocked at all.  Worried and frightened, yes. Shocked, no. And after worry and fright, the next step should be a search for information: look up Mark Durie’s books, for starters, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Once informed, you may then proceed to feel a wholly rational anger, and you may then begin to take action, such as warning your neighbours, and writing pointed letters to all those politicians who are blithely importing more and more and more actually-or-potentially-deadly Muslims into our country, demanding that the importation be stopped. At once. – CM

‘Federal Government Minister Mathias Cormann has told Sky [news] that it was a concerning development.

“It’s obviously a matter of concern that we face this kind of threat in our community”, he said.

“It’s good to know that our counterterrorism agencies are working to keep us safe.”

But how about the Department of Immigration start thinking about stopping all further entry of Muslims into Australia? The ones we’ve already got are producing plot after plot after plot, and sooner or later the AFP and ASIO – unable to keep up with all those proliferating plots – will slip up, and then there will be mass casualties as at the bombing of the Boston marathon, or a gory beheading video featuring some random Australian infidel. – CM

‘Prime Minister Tony Abbott is urging Australians not to allow the terror threats to deter them from attending Anzac Day commemorations.

‘He said Australians should attend next weekend’s ceremonies in the “largest possible numbers”.

I’ve another suggestion. Every single Old Soldier attending those ceremonies who is still able-bodied enough to tote a weapon and clear-sighted enough to fire it, should be permitted to carry a loaded weapon, visibly. Every soldier guarding every cenotaph should be armed.  Every present-day member of the Australian Defence Forces who will be marching in any march in any city, this Anzac Day, should be carrying his weapon – ready to use it if necessary.  The rest of us will understand; and we should be told that if anything, anything at all untoward starts to happen, we must hit the deck so as to give our military and police a clean field of fire.  And, personally, I’d have our Afghanistan-veteran and our Special Forces snipers stationed on top of every public building along the parade routes. – CM

“The best thing you can do in the face of those who would do us harm is to live your life normally”, he said.

“The best sign of defiance we can give to those who would do us harm is to go about a normal, peaceful, free and fair Australian life.”

‘AFP Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said police were able to act more quickly because of recent laws giving them more power.

“We are extremely confident that this particular cell [that] we’ve now wrapped a plan around them and we believe we’ve stopped these particular plots”, he said.

Sure. But what of the next plot and the next and the next and the next?  There are a lot more Muslims in Australia, and there will be other plots. The more Muslims, the more plots.  Are you sure you can detect and track them all? – CM

‘Opposition leader Bill Shorten said Labor supported the country’s national security agencies and when it came to keeping people safe, “We are all in this together”.


That ‘we’, my dear sir, however, does not in fact include the Muslims. Because the Ummah is the sea in which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge. 

Now, cue the dhimmi Victorian Premier, parroting the NothingtodowithIslam mantra. – CM

‘Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the alleged terrorist plot was “simply evil, plain and simple.”

Evil, yes. Also, an act of war, motivated by the Religion of Blood and War, Islam. – CM

‘He said Victorians needed to take these threats seriously, but never be “defined by them”.

What on earth does he mean by that? – CM

“These people arrested today are not people of faith, they don’t represent any culture”, he said.


Nonsense. They are Muslims, obeying the Jihad imperative that is hard-wired into all the canonical texts of Islam, Religion of Blood and War, Religion of Ritual Murder; that is manifest in the canonical Life of Mohammed, and of his Companions, and of the Four so-called “Rightly Guided” Caliphs who created an Empire by means of ceaseless warfare attended by horrific atrocities of every kind.  Daniel Andrews needs to read the books of Mark Durie; he needs to hear the warning of Tina Magaard, Danish scholar at the Sorbonne, who found Islam to be uniquely violent among the world’s major religions, its texts saturated with calls to violence against non-adherents. – CM

“This is not an issue of how you pray or where you were born. This is not about those issues.”

Sure, it’s not about where someone was born. It does, however, matter how someone prays; it matters what kind of god someone believes in, and what kinds of prayers they pray to their god.  Many of the ‘prayers’ of Islam are “cursing” prayers, both dehumanising and wishing evil upon the despised infidels.  Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish has described hearing such cursing of the Infidels regularly and often as she was growing up in an Islamic country.  Cursing the infidels and wishing ill upon them was normal. – CM

“Together with Victoria Police, Commonwealth law enforcement and Intelligence agencies, the Victorian Government continues to take reasonable and necessary steps to keep every Victorian safe.”

No you are not.  Demanding that the Federal Government put a complete stop to all further entry of Muslims into Australia would be reasonable and necessary and you’re not doing it.  Refusing to permit any further building of mosques and of Islamic schools would be reasonable and necessary; you’re not doing it. Ending all further accommodation with and appeasement of Islam and Muslims within Australia would be reasonable and necessary, and you’re not doing it. – CM

‘Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright assured the community that the force would take “additional steps” to keep the community safe on Anzac Day.

“There will be a greatly increased visible police presence”, he said. “There is a significant increase in police numbers over the major events that are coming up over this week, particularly over the Anzac Day weekend.”

“We are not restricting our planning and thoughts to Melbourne. We are looking at Anzac Day events around Victoria, strengthening our events there.”

‘The national terrorism alert level remains high and anyone who sees suspicious activities is advised to call the national security hotline on 1800 123 400.”

Watch the mosques. Watch the Islamic schools. See anything a bit odd happening…give the AFP a call.  And keep a beady eye on every last visibly-identifiable Muslim, especially any that pop up in places where you don’t usually see them.  Also, take a leaf out of the Israelis’ book, and be very, very wary of any unattended parcels, backpacks, bags or other items that might conceivably contain a bomb. – CM

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