Obummer statement on Kenya School Massacre — NO MENTION of ISLAM, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS or JIHAD

Forever the “community organiser”


He did manage to blather on about “bringing communities together” – as if dialogue is what is needed to battle the al-Shabaab killers. (GWP)

Why Islamic terrorists target schools and universities

That Kenyan University Is Guilty Of Spreading “Christianity And Infidelity”

France  (RATP) And Its Selective Laicities

A telling tweet here. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

The RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens) — that is, the French subway-bus-rail system in the area of Greater Paris — has denied approval for the placing of posters announcing a gathering to protest the treatment, including mass murder, of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East, and to raise money to aid those Christians now displaced from their homes, and countries. The four priests on the poster were deemed to violate the principle of “laicity.” At the same time, the RATP has permitted  posters showing a hijabbed lady with her phone card, announcing cheap rates for telephone calls overseas, to her true home in North Africa, or the Middle East.

More comment on this here.

A case of selective laicities.

Dalil Boubakeur Wants To Double The Number Of Mosques In France

” 2,200 mosques represent inadequate amount for few million worshipers”– no matter how many, it’ll never be enough.


Dalil Boubakeur is the government-sanctioned “leader of the Muslim community,” certified moderate and so on. He wants the French government to build even more mosques all over the place. You see, all those mosques built with government money can then present the true face and message of Islam, rather than all that bad stuff that all those little mosques run out of storefronts or houses tolerate or encourage. Makes perfect sense