Once again, leftist loons hijacked the narrative

Muslim agitprops love our naivety:

Randa Kattan, CEO of Arab Council Australia, warned such “racist type of events could quickly spiral out of control”– She called the protesters “squeaky wheels grabbing attention,” but was careful not to underestimate such groups for attracting interest to their cause. “In terms of numbers they might be insignificant, but in terms of damage, it is significant,” she told the Guardian.


A “progressive” has an epiphany

Pastor Brad Chilcott puts it very well in an article for fellow Leftists in The Guardian:

“…what were “progressives”  hoping to achieve this Easter by opposing naked hatred and foul abuse with public expressions of the same hatred and abuse. Which section of society was being strategically appealed to when the Australian flag was being burned? Did my fellow progressives imagine that they’d turn bigots into compassionate advocates for inclusion by chanting “F*** off racists” at them? Or perhaps that Australians would be so impressed by the sheer number of progressives giving up their Easter Saturday for the cause that they’d put their unanswered questions and latent fears aside and wholeheartedly embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters? I count myself as a progressive, but I don’t imagine images of violence, or shouting profanities in the faces of our ideological opposites will encourage any mum or dad to join in on the next progressive rally for a “better Australia.”– A plea to the Left: protest as if you really are good (AB)


Just tragic.  Once again the narrative is being hijacked by leftist loons and self-proclaimed Aboriginal saviours.. “Racism”, a cadaver that has been flogged to death long ago, it is being resurrected, cut into soundbites and thrown around like stink bombs and molotov cocktails. The race card has been flushed and went up in smoke,  but thanks to criminal  thugs,  socialist kaputniks and relentless ABC propaganda it keeps floating to the top like a turd that won’t flush.


The West seems to have lost the will to criticize political Islam. Not speaking out or taking action against Islamists is a sickness not only of the current U.S. government; many intellectuals also seem to suffer from it. — The West’s Romance with Iran and Islam.

CBubG52VEAMrnCf.jpg-largeAnti-Islam rallies have taken place across Australia, organized by the Reclaim Australia group. Police were forced to intervene in Melbourne as clashes broke out between anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters, with thousands attending the demonstrations.

YAWN. Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are now beheading Palestinian refugees in Damascus refugee camp

The savage Islamic State (ISIS) organization has seized nearly all of the Palestinian district of Yarmouk in Damascus, and there are reports coming out about beheadings and mass killings of Palestinians.

IB Times  Islamic State (Isis) militants have seized most of a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, forcing many to flee, local activists said. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) monitoring group said the Islamist militants have taken over 90% of the Yarmouk camp in the outskirts of Damascus. (BNI)