“Protesting is not radical, it is our right.”

Anyway, it had nothing to do with Islam.

He didn’t know what he was doing:

Protesting his innocence, Mr Hussen denied wanting to be at the front of the mob, adding: “The crowd pushed me. I feel tricked. It is strange for me. I feel that I don’t know what I was doing, I did not know who they were.

Jihadi bride’s dad who blamed police admits taking daughter to fiery Islamic rallies


“I just followed the crowd, I feel ashamed.”

Mr Hussen apologised and said he felt “terrible” about being associated with Adebowale. He added: “It was brutal, it has nothing to do with Islam, it is not human. You don’t do things like this. You do not kill people.”

He said he took his daughter to another rally – against treatment of expatriate Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia – with his wife Fetia because there was nowhere else to leave her.

2 thoughts on ““Protesting is not radical, it is our right.””

  1. # “I just followed the crowd, I feel ashamed.”

    There were a few of those at the false prophet riots in Sydney a few years back. They didn’t know what ‘behead’ meant, or so the story went.

  2. They’ve probably already eaten her, in a nice rice dish. She looks well-fed and healthy. Mm mm mm, that’s good eating right there for the jihadis.

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