Schulz, understander of the Armenian genocide…

EU’s Schulz to Turkey: I understand your reaction
Schulz is (one of)Turkey’s whores in the EUSSR
EU's Schulz to Turkey: I understand your reaction

Turkey rejects European Parliament’s resolution recognizing 1915 events as “genocide”, Davutoglu tells EU Parliament president in telephone call.

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Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has underlined Thursday Ankara’s rejection of the European Parliament’ s recent resolution recognizing the 1915 events involving Armenians as a “genocide” to its president.

Davutoglu received a phone call from Martin Schulz, European Parliament president, and during the talk Turkish premiere expressed Turkey’s unrest over the latest resolution, according to prime ministry sources.

Schulz remarked that he had not attended the session and underlined that he knew and understood Turkey’s reaction, according to prime ministry sources.

Davutoglu stressed that Turkey’s accession to the EU and the bilateral relations could be damaged after this “baseless” resolution.

The European Parliament adopted on April 15 a resolution that recognized the 1915 events affecting Armenians as “genocide.”

The European Parliament first recognized the 1915 events as “genocide” in a 1987 resolution, which the parliament recalled in a vote Wednesday – the centenary of the 1915 events.

The vote came a day after the European Union urged Turkey and Armenia to normalize their relations following a spat prompted by remarks of Pope Francis over the 1915 events.

Turkey’s official position against allegations of “genocide” is that it acknowledges the past experiences were a great tragedy and that both parties suffered heavy casualties, including hundreds of Muslim Turks.

Ankara agrees that there were Armenian casualties during World War I, but says that it is impossible to define these incidents as “genocide.”

The Turkish government has repeatedly called on historians to study Ottoman archives pertaining to the era to uncover what actually happened.

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  1. To Whom It May Concern [Mainly Fair and Reasonable People]:

    Mr. Shultz: Does “understanding mean or imply condoning/agreeing/approving? Also, given that the International Association of Genocide Scholars – whose members are prominent specialists in the field of studying genocide – are less qualified or reliable in making a true and right determination? What guarantee or confidence do you have that this so called “Historians Committee” appointed by politicians – specially the ones hand picked by Turkey … – will be more fair and reliable? And lastly, if the majority of EU parliament members voted in favor (in the sense of truth) of being genocide, what makes YOU necessarily unique just because you are the chairman…

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