Would you buy a kuthbah from this mullah?

Khutbah (Arabic: خطبة khuṭbah, Turkish: hutbe) serves as the primary formal occasion for public preaching in the Islamic tradition.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said: “These people arrested today are not people of faith, they don’t represent any culture. This is not an issue of how you pray or where you were born. This is not about those issues.” In saying that, he was signaling that even when Muslims plot to commit mass murder in the name of Islam on one of Australia’s most important national days, Australian authorities are going to stay their disastrous course: they’re going to continue to pretend that jihad terror has nothing to do with Islam, and that importing large numbers of Muslim immigrants is simply a humanitarian issue with no national security implications whatsoever. Daniel Andrews could just as well have said, “These people arrested today represent a problem we dare not confront. So get used to it, because there are going to be plenty more plots like this one.”

“Men arrested in Melbourne over alleged ‘ISIS-inspired’ Anzac Day terrorist plot,” ABC.net.au, April 18, 2015,

Australia: Muslims plotted Islamic State-inspired jihad attack; Victoria Premier says they’re “not people of faith”  (Jihad Watch)

More of the same idiocy:

Muslim male model from Australia dies fighting for Islamic State; Australia PM says Islamic State “not about religion”

Sharky-Jama-332x190How ignorant and self-deluded is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott about the jihad threat? This ignorant and self-deluded. Upon learning of the death of Sharky Jama, asked Muslims in Australia to stop “going overseas to join these terrorist groups. Don’t. They are death cults. That’s what they are. They’re not about religion.

Australia: Muslims discussed killing Jews and Muhammad cartoonists


This isn’t really any surprise. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Islamic jihadists want to kill Jews and Muhammad cartoonists. The only problem is that all too many Western authorities aren’t paying attention.

“Hoax fools wannabe jihadis,” by Grant Taylor, The West Australian, (JW)


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