Sweden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia

Sweden’s ‘super-humanitarian power’ status crumbles with first Saudi mean stare.

So addressing the Saudis’ sharia driven anti-female policies will no longer be a talking point for Swedish diplomats and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I doubt Finland would dare say anything negative about their Islamic driven anti-human policies either.
by Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard, thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

The Swedish Prime Minister added that Sweden has no intention of ever criticizing Islam. As is customary, Expressen refrained from asking the PM if his comments should be taken as an indication that Sweden would stop criticizing such Islamic practices as torturing bloggers, executing infidels and oppressing women.It is hard to say what concessions Sweden may have given King Salman in exchange for normalizing relations. Sweden may even have agreed to further the cause of Islam back home by, for example, promising to build new mega-mosques and giving greater influence to local imams.

Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, has already promised to initiate a “national strategy against Islamophobia” — meaning any criticism of Islam or mass immigration.

If the Swedish-Saudi deal is as conjectured, Saudi Arabia will have obtained de facto veto power over Sweden’s foreign policy — and perhaps its domestic policies.

From now on, it will be hard to take seriously Sweden’s claims to be a humanitarian and feminist superpower.

In other news:

Swedes are now a minority in many local communities
Eventually Swedes will have three alternatives.

After weeks of diplomatic wrangling and recrimination, the Saudi government on March 27 announced that it would reinstate its ambassador, Ibrahim bin Saad bin Ibrahim al-Brahim, to Stockholm. The ambassador had been recalled on March 11 as a protest against Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s criticism of Saudi Arabia’s legal practices and treatment of women. In February, she had described conditions in the desert kingdom as “medieval”.

The recall of the ambassador came a day after the Swedish government announced that it would discontinue its weapons exports to Saudi Arabia.

The Arab reaction to what they saw as a deliberate denigration of Saudi Arabia and Islam was fury. In a statement, the foreign ministers of The Arab League said: “Arab countries totally reject Wallström’s statement as irresponsible and unacceptable. … Saudi Arabia’s Constitution is based on the Shariah that protects the right of people and safeguards their blood, wealth and honor.”

Similarly, on March 9, the Saudi cabinet, chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, rejected any denunciation of the Saudi judiciary, whose decisions, it noted, are based on Islamic law and “implemented impartially to maintain the country’s stability and security.”

Sweden makes amends

It is not exactly clear what motivated the Saudi king to resume diplomatic relations with Sweden. What is known is that Foreign Minister Wallström and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven have been quick to stress that is had never been their intention to slight Islam, which they now claim has made great contributions to human civilization, nor the Saudi kingdom.

Three letters to King Salman — one from Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and two from Prime Minister Löfven – were hand-delivered in Riyadh by Björn von Sydow, a high-ranking emissary of the Swedish government. Their contents are unknown, following a decision by the Swedish foreign office to classify them as secret. This decision came after the foreign office claimed it could not find the letters.

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