Turkish Minister Urges Europe to Submit

Its hard to believe that grown men can sit on their asses and listen to the outrageous demands of deranged savages like Volkan Bozkir. Don’t be fooled by the grey hair, the spectacles and the suit: this guy is a radical headbanger and a sworn enemy of the free world.

Turkey’s EU minister has urged European countries to do justice to Muslims living in Europe and voiced concern over rising Islamophobic incidents in the West. (ME Monitor)

“To do justice” means to implement shari’a, so Muslims can rule over infidels. “Islamophobia” means no resistance to Islam can be tolerated.

“Europe is not just a place for Christians,” Volkan Bozkir said late Saturday and reiterated the fact that millions of Turkish Muslims live in Europe.

Our ancestors who fought the Mohammedan scourge for 1300 years would beg to differ.

Bozkir made the remarks during his address at a special program on Prophet Muhammad organised by the Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Son of a bitch.


Also, the minister strongly criticised those who blamed Islam for terrorism.

This Koranimal is suggesting we ‘make them do it’ by refusing to submit.

Referring to the recent Germanwings plane crash in France that killed over 150 people, where preliminary investigations indicate the co-pilot deliberately brought the aircraft down, he asked: “Why is a German co-pilot, who caused the incident, not called a Christian terrorist? Why is Islam always linked to terrorism?”

Because not every psychopath is  Islamic. Because Muhammad, the profit of Islam, is a self declared terrorist. Because every Muslim who takes his religion seriously must support and engage terrorism and emulate Muhammad  They also call it jihad.

Islam is the only religion that has determined the law and moral principles needed for people to live in peace and tranquility, he said.

Islamic fantasies for infidel consumption.

“Islam does not accept murders, and we will keep telling this until all the Western people fully understand it,” he added.

Muhammad and his companions were all  mass-murderers.

He pointed out that from Anatolia to Andalusia, and from Africa to Asia, Islam created societies in which different nations, cultures, and religions lived together in harmony, including in places like Jerusalem, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Cordoba, and Istanbul.

What a lying fuck.

Voicing the need to fight against Islamophobia, Bozkir noted an increase in hate speech and discrimination policies against Muslims in the West.

“Islamophobia” is a non-existent condition. Islam is the most racist, discriminatory system ever invented. Mohammedans who don’t like the West the way it is are strongly encouraged to pack up and piss off.

“Islamophobia is a crime against humanity just like racism,” he said. “Islam, which is peace in lexical meaning, never tolerates and encourages terrorism; it is unacceptable,” he added.

Islam is a crime against humanity. Islam is the greatest crime syndicate that ever scorched the earth. The head choppers prove it every day. No, Islam does not mean peace; it means submission. Everything this lying f*kc says is a lie. Out with the trash!