Veiszadeh cannot hold her ink…

Correction: she got Jarni Blakkarly from al Jizz to squirt  ink on her behalf.

Mariam Veiszadeh, from the Islamophobia Register of Australia, told Al Jazeera they have been receiving a high number of reports of verbal and physical abuse on the street, particularly against hijab-wearing Muslim women.

“We have heard of cases of women, who are otherwise confident and deeply devout, who have taken off their hijabs in response to the current climate,” she said.

Each and every one of these Islamo-tards is an ‘activist’ for Mohammedan causes. This one is particularly annoying.


Melbourne, Australia – In Christian majority countries like Australia, Easter is usually a time of family gatherings and celebration.

However, a day before Easter Sunday, hundreds of people took to the streets in major Australian cities to protest against what they see as the rising influence of Islam.

Under the banner “Reclaim Australia”, protesters, many waving Australian flags, chanted against Islamic law and held signs reading “No More Mosques” and “Islam is an Enemy of the West.”

Long overdue. All true. So?

In Melbourne, the 500 or so anti-Islam protesters were outnumbered by the over 1,000 who attended a counterprotest against Islamophobia and religious bigotry.

The socialist rabble attacked concerned citizens who bravely stood up for their rights. “Islamophobia” is a word concocted by the MuBro’s and nobody under the sun is more bigoted than Muslims and our leftoids.

Counter protests

Local Socialist Party councillor Stephen Jolly, who was one of the organisers of the counter-rally, told Al Jazeera that it was important that people came out to show their support for the Muslim community.

Muslims have a special place for useful idiots like that.

“We’re here to make a stand against stupid explanations for Australia’s problems. To suggest that the problems we are facing with unemployment, education and healthcare are because of the two percent of the population who are Islamic, is completely irrational,” he said.

Note the BS they peddle? Note how he sets up straw men that he calls stupid?  No one claimed that Muslims are  responsible for unemployment, education or healthcare. Muslims are responsible for Islamisation and sharia, for FGM, polygamy, child marriage,ME-crime, and for Islamic terror.  Muslims are plotting our demise, and it is quite obvious that traitors like Jolly are only too eager to assist them.

Already high tensions at the rallies built throughout the afternoon as members of the counter-rally sought to block off the anti-Islam protesters. The hundreds of police deployed were unable to stop violent scuffles breaking out at times as the groups clashed.

That’s an indictment for the police. Its also an admission that the socialist rabble attacked peaceful citizens who protested against Islamisation. Who gave red ratbags permission to block off anything?

Maree Adgemis was one of a handful of visibly Muslim women who braved the counterprotest. She told Al Jazeera the use of Australian flags as an anti-Islam symbol was “complete foolishness and ignorance”.

Don’t you love it when Muselmaniacs lecture us on “ignorance?”

“We are not a threat to people, we are normal people, we want peace. Yes, there are some people out there who don’t want that, but that’s in every community. We’re much more similar than we are different, but the media is showing our differences to separate [us] and to use fear,” she told Al Jazeera.

No. The media is doing no such thing. Muslims are not here to become Australians. Muslims came to Oz to make us Islamic.

Explaining the rally

Similar to the PEGIDA movement in Germany, rally organisers attempted to brand the rally as not about race, but instead about what protesters considered to be “regressive Islamic cultural values”.

Among the anti-Islam protesters were extremists, like skinheads and men bearing neo-Nazi tattoos, however there were also seemingly average families.

After the BS, “seemingly” LOL!

Margaret Rowe-Keys, a 52-year-old artist, told Al Jazeera the rally wasn’t racist but was in “defence of Australian values”.

“We’re not anti-ethnic, we’re not racist. We’re trying to fight for our culture, rather than have someone come in and say you have to change your culture. We do have an Australian culture and it’s quite embedded in what we’ve built on for over 200 years,” she told Al Jazeera.

Another protester, Phil Athanasiadis said that he wasn’t against all Muslims but was only concerned about “religious extremism”.

“We just love our way of life, we live in the best country on earth and we see examples of where it’s deteriorating overseas. We see the large Muslim presence in a lot of the European countries that is causing a lot of problems,” he said.

There has been no significant push to implement Islamic law by Australia’s small Muslim minority or to enforce Islamic religious teachings or norms on the broader society.

Really? This comes from the same people who go to bed with kitman and wake up with taqiyya.

Among the many issues raised by protesters was Muslim women wearing face coverings in public, which some said was a security threat. Another issue was the fees food companies pay for optional halal certification, which some claim constitutes a “halal tax”.

The halal racket needs to be stopped. Australia will never be under the freedom sack.


This is first time Australia has seen national anti-Islam rallies. The rallies come amid a heightened terrorism warning in Australia and also in wake of last year’s Lindt cafe siege, where a lone gunman took over a dozen hostages in a Sydney café, two of whom were killed when police stormed the building.

We have seen Muslim riots before.

Following the siege, a Twitter campaign using the hashtag “IllRideWithYou” took off with citizens offering to take public transport with Muslims who felt unsafe.

Not one Muslim rode with an Aussie. It was all BS.

However, the large scale anti-Islamic backlash many feared didn’t immediately materialise, partly because the gunman was such a fringe figure not accepted by the Islamic community and community members had previously reported him to intelligence services.

Man Harun Monis was the star of Lakemba. But after the fact no one remembers him, how Islamic is that?

Away from the rally, the rising anti-Islamic sentiment has had a real effect on everyday life in some Muslim communities.

Mariam Veiszadeh, from the Islamophobia Register of Australia, told Al Jazeera they have been receiving a high number of reports of verbal and physical abuse on the street, particularly against hijab-wearing Muslim women.

“We have heard of cases of women, who are otherwise confident and deeply devout, who have taken off their hijabs in response to the current climate,” she said.

Who gives a rats ass?

Some have also accused the federal government of contributing to the rising anti-Islamic sentiment. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has on several occasions accused mainstream Muslim community leaders for not doing enough to condemn extremist elements of Islam.

Shocka! He said something, how dare he!

No senior federal government official has commented on the Reclaim Australia rallies.

F*kcing cowards.

Multiculturalism and Muslim Studies academic Shakira Hussein told Al Jazeera that while the extreme hardline racism at the rally was not representative of broader Australia, a milder anti-Islamic attitude was more pervasive.

Conflating Islam with race is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

“During the 1990s we saw a lot of racism directed at Asians and that was based on the fact they came from a different country and that their skin wasn’t the same colour as white Australians.

Get a life, twat! We moved on. But Islam is stuck.

“After 9/11 it became more specifically directed towards Muslims and that’s been regarded as a more respectable form of racism because it’s not just based on genes and the colour of your skin and factors you can’t control, it’s supposedly, though often dubiously, meant to be based on people’s behaviour,” she said.

Dogs vomit.

Hussein said that international events meant that it was difficult to predict whether the anti-Islam movement would continue to grow in Australia.

“Unlike with previous migrant groups, the difficulty for Muslims living in Australia is that events overseas, and not only in their own country of origin but in any Muslim country around the globe, continue to have ongoing ramifications here.

Muslims are not like any “previous migrant groups”. islam is replacement theology.

“Events in Syria and Iraq have played into life in Australia in a way that Muslims living here can do very little about. With no end date in sight to events in the Middle East, it makes it very difficult to see where anti-Muslim racism in Australia might end up because they’re connected. This might sadly be the new normal,” she said.

Things won’t get back to normal until Islam is being returned to the hellholes it came from.

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  1. Just thought, I remind you that I love your red comments.

    Especially in an article like this, where the journalist or writer doe s not give the full picture or gives a politically correct picture and confuses everyone.

  2. “We have heard of cases of women, who are otherwise confident and deeply devout, who have taken off their hijabs in response to the current climate,” she said….”

    Current climate? What, summer?

    1. So, it’s working then? Those same women should try not wearing the fascist uniform in an islamic country – they might learn what shariah is really all about.

  3. With no end date in sight to events in the Middle East, it makes it very difficult to see where anti-Muslim racism in Australia might end up because they’re connected. This might sadly be the new normal,” she said.

    As I’ve posted before, Western policy has since 9/11, been to reduce the ME to rubble, creating a never ending series of wars. The hope is, that in the end, this will destroy Islam.

    Its not a bad policy, as it can be denied that we are waging war on Islam – which the politicians do every so often.

    I cant think of any other policy, short of the banishement of Islam , that can get us out of the mess that our idiot politicains have created.

  4. The Labour party is lilely to be voted in in the UK.

    Yes, the party that gave RoP Pakistani immigrants , the right to gang rape tens of thousands of working class girls, for votes.

    For over a decade, the Labour government, and in particular, Home Secretaries, turned a blind eye to the greatest “war crime” in history, a government has committed against its own vulnerable young girls.

    There is no parallel in hostory of such an event, and yet to my and national shame, the country is prepared to vote in these bastards.

  5. Carry on up the Nile.

    Continue waging wars on ME countries, foment wars in Muslim or among Muslim countries, start a sunni/shia comflict, destabilise a Muslim country by demanding liberal democracy in place of a dictator. Destroy it by supporting one side or other, depending on circumstances.

    Rinse, and apply the treatment repeatedly till the region is thoroughly deloused, poses no threat, is starving and thus docile, and prepared to listen that Islam has been a very bad mistake.

    1. With the result that you have millions of displaced Muslims who are encouraged to move to Europe to turn it into EUrabia. That’s the UN plan backed by the OIC, currently underwritten by the EU and the (soon to be abolished) nation states.

      Whether the plan can be implemented depends on the resistance. So far, there isn’t much.

      1. If we closed the borders to Muslims, then we would be saying that we are waging a war on Islam – a new Crusades. That would be very diificult to pass in the Liberal West – even among people who are on our side.

        Yes Sheikh, that is the price we are paying for waging war on Islam (a new Crusade), but denying that we are. However, even the current Muslim immigration ,will be slowed on other grounds – viz, Switzerland on grounds of Climate Change ( a really brilliant idea, which even the Left is finding difficult to oppose).

        We are in the first phase of the new Crusades. This is going to go on for another 40 years at the least – atleast on current plans. But in the end islam will have to reform. And a reformed Islam will not be Islam, and will be dead.

        Muslims see the war the secular West is waging on them as a religious war, ie a Christian war against Islam. We will win, as we are right, as well as being far more powerful in every sense. Islam is a Big Mistake in every way – spiritually, intellectually, economically , militarily. It has maintaimned itself by Terror, as that is the only way it can. And that is why the Koran tells them to engage in Terror.

        I see Muslim countries becoming Christian, as that is the best for them in every sense. Muslims themselves will convert to Christianity, as they will see it as the stronger horse. They view this war as Christianity vs Islam, and they will join the stronger team ( This is what Ossam BinL was fearfull of, and the attack on 9/11).

        Of course Christianity is not waging a war on Islam. This is a misconception among Muslims, but that is how it is. It may even turn out to be useful, as a secular atheist West has nothing spiritual to offer to replace Islam to Muslim men.

  6. the same horrible people HaShem sent Noah out to warn & save have returned! But they are even worse-more violent. Don’t think He will repeat the second chance this time.

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