All hail the bleeding hearts!

Some are arguing that ex-foreign fighters could be used to discourage other young Australians from joining Islamic State. Today’s Editorial argues that this would be a big mistake.

Returning jihadists should only come home to jail
Islamic terrorist dies after shot by police
Two police officers hurt in vehicular attack in Jerusalem
Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson discuss the alleged jihadists wanting to return to Australia.

3 thoughts on “All hail the bleeding hearts!”

  1. ABBOTT said …
    “Returning jihadists who profess remorse should be allowed back to Australia only to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed.”

    Yeah – all well and good !!!
    BUT !!!
    • these islam vermin will communicate islam jihad from jail !
    • these islam vermin MAY get a suspended sentence !
    • these islam vermin will (probably) live to be freed back into Australian Society !

    Better to just “REMOVE” all islam & islams from Australia !!
    • send these islam vermin their extended families – ALL the islams in Australia !
    • send also these islam vermin their exhumed dead relatives !
    • send the islams the BILL for the TOTAL Cost to Australia of islams failed invasion !

    NO islam in Australia (even DEAD islams) !
    NO islam on Earth !

  2. “Returning jihadists should only come home to jail” I think bloody not! Under the act they are deemed “Traitors” and should be stood up against a wall and shot! If the Indonesian can do it for drug smugglers then these scumbags deserve it more.

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