“Blacktown Mum”

Blacktown Mum Abandones Kids For Islamic State

A Sydney mother has reportedly abandoned her young children in the city’s west and fled to Islamic State-run Syria.

According to News Corp, Jasmina Milovanov told her babysitter she was going to pick up a new car earlier this month – but never returned to her Blacktown home.

Reports say the 26-year-old mother has remarried in Syria. Photo: 7News

Jasmina’s ex-husband claims she sent him a text message letting him know that she was in Syria and he believes she has now remarried there, News Corp reports.

The 26-year-old, also known as Assma Abdullah, is believed to have been lured overseas by a notorious jihadi bride recruiter.

Ms Milovanov reportedly text her Turkish-Australian ex-husband in early May telling him she was in ‘sham’, an Arabic term for Syria.

Milovanov, 26, is a convert to Islam and has two children in Western Sydney – a son and a daughter – aged 5 and 7.

The man told News Corp he was ‘absolutely shocked’ by the message and has not heard from her since.

‘The only thing I can think about is my children, I can’t believe she left these two beautiful children. My son was saying in the days afterwards that he hoped ‘my mum is OK’,’ he told the Daily Telegraph.

Ms Milovanov leaves behind two children, aged five and seven.

– See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/2015/05/26/mum–abandons–kids-for-is-run-syria.html#sthash.7CUmKDne.dpuf

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    Hello there………its me again………Don Laird…….

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    Behold the dividends of the madness of Multiculturalism….

    A mother and her children, on their knees, bathing the filthy, self entitled black asses of refugees and other human garbage with her tongue…..


    Personally, I can hardly wait until, as they say in “da hood”….this shit gets real…..

    Regards, Don Laird
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    Alberta, Canada

  2. Centrelink will keep the family while the mother is away – all thanks to the Australian taxpayer.

  3. Another Islamoslut that will have to fight for the affections of her many many short term husbands. Can a humans contract STD’s from goats, camels and donkeys that the brave fearless ISIS fighters prefer over the conga line of western Islamosluts.

  4. I was going to say that silver lining for her could be that when in jail, she gets the chance now to evaluate how beneficial her conversion to the 7th century arab desert cult actually was.

    Then I realised that trouble with that is – whatever she had of a mind is probably already too far gone.

  5. They do not say whether her marriage to Milanovic was ended by him divorcing her, when it was clear that she was gone forever. I had thought that muslim women had more difficulty than that, in obtaining divorces.

    On the other hand, the rules about sex slaves (those whom the right hand of a muslim possesses) specify that the woman’s marriage was ended when she was taken as a slave. Would her status in Sham be like a sex slave?

    1. It is not necessary that a Muslim woman asks her husband or parents for permission when she joins the jihad. I’m not sure about the status of her marriage, I guess we have to ask the imam.

      And no, she would not be a sex slave since she is not an infidel woman taken in battle, but a muslim woman coming to aid the jihad. So she can enter into a nikah muta, a temporary marriage. The concept of ‘durura’, (necessity) overrides everything.

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