Drama Queen Julian Burnside is trivialising the Holocaust

How dare Burnside use the Holocaust to play such cheap politics

Andrew Bolt


Leftoids like SHY imported people like this:

“…you’re a whore, you are Christian, you will burn in hell. You will be the first one in uniform to have your throat slit.”

Australia, 2015:

A WOMAN detained in a counterterrorism raid allegedly punched one police officer in the face and told another she would have her throat slit…

The Muslim woman, who declined to stand for Magistrate Margaret McGlynn during the Parramatta Local Court hearing yesterday, is charged with assaulting and intimidating police. (Andrew Bolt has more)


Burnside, Drama Queen:

First, some context.

Number of people killed at the Auschwitz death camp – between 1,100,000 and 1,500,000.

Number of people lured to their deaths at sea by Labor’s weakened border laws – at least 1200

Number of people who have died at the Manus detention centre – 2 (one bashed in a riot, the other from blood poisoning).

Now to the grotesque moral equivalence of “human rights” campaigner Julian Burnside, a QC:


Burnside is seriously suggesting that this is what Manus is like:

Burnside makes an analogy not just offensive to Australia but deeply disrespectful to those who suffered and died at Auschwitz. He is trivialising the Holocaust.

As for Burnside dismissing the 1200 drown boat people as merely “a few accidents”, what is left to say?