Enemedia Retard Gins Up Report

American Broadcasters of Communism (ABC)  had to make this into another crusade against Christians, Conservatives, and declare AZ to be racist across the board.

If they cannot find an incident, they will fabricate one, knowing too many will not bother to hear the truth of a matter. Bottom line: no brawling happened, only a couple of shouting matches.

“The clips she played don’t support her claim.”

Reporter Said She ‘Got Caught Up in a Couple Brawls’ at Mosque Protest.
They weren’t fistfights. They didn’t even technically appear to be “fighting words.” But one reporter still called what happened a “brawl.” At the “free speech” protest… Watch the Video and See…
Jihadis don’t show up at Phoenix mosque protest, so no one gets hurt
The Islamic State had threatened to show up and commit mass murder, and specifically threatened the event organizer, but didn’t appear at the event, and so…
‘Ferguson Effect’: America’s New Crime Wave Is All Part of the Plan
The Wall Street Journal is calling the dramatic end of America’s two-decade-long drop in crime “The Ferguson Effect.” Led behind the scenes by President Obama,…BREITBART.COM
Meanwhile, back in Iraq, or Syria:

One thought on “Enemedia Retard Gins Up Report”

  1. Following the link ….
    Jihadis don’t show up at Phoenix mosque protest, so no one gets hurt ….

    linked to jihadwatch ….
    Robert Spencer Article ….
    • did you really write this ….
    • did you really say this ….
    • did you really even think this ….
    …. wouldn’t have held a protest at a mosque, as there are people there just going about their business who have nothing to do with whatever jihad activity may have been taking place ….

    ALL islams are BY DEFAULT – and – BY ASSOCIATION
    …. guilty of every crime ever committed by ANY islam submitter !
    There are no innocent islams !!!

    AND ….
    continuing the Robert Spencer Article….
    Yesterday evening I was amused by the hysteria of Islamic supremacists such as Linda Sarsour and Zahra Billoo on Twitter
    every islam is ….

    ironic – Is amused ALL you could be when confronted by such a level of TREASON AND SEDITION in America BY islams submitters who are living in The U.S. – Criminal !
    • just another reason why islam is STILL in The West – in any Secular Country !

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