Islam, the most reliable source for terror around the world

Mustard Protests in Londonistan

Banners read   “Democracy and freedom are on death row”

ABSOLUTLEY SHOCKING: This protest was not in Iraq, or Syria…it was right in heart of London

All Muslims, like all dogs…share the same characteristics:

All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds have nothing in common with each other.


Toronto Sun Columnist Wonders: “What Is Driving These Youngsters to Leave Comfortable Lives in the Suburbs and Join Tribal Wars?”

Well, Candice, it isn’t those proverbial “root causes” of poverty, unemployment and the like, the reasons “progressives” like Obama always point to as the impetus.What’s driving them? Isn’t it obvious? It’s the siren call of jihad, which is particularly potent for certain idealistic youths who may be looking to channel their youthful idealism into a “worthy” cause. And, clearly, working for “social justice” and/or to put an end to global “climate change,” causes which are amorphous and non-specific, don’t captivate these youngsters in the way that running off to fight for the Caliphate does.

Simple as that, really.

Everything you read here is wrong: these American patriots are not “extremists” and they don’t “terrorise” a mosque. Islam is the source of the terror:
Right-Wing Extremists Terrorize A Mosque With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time 
Leave it to the right wing to take one of our most sacred rights and turn it into a hateful weapon that goes against everything this country stands for. Last night,…(Photos/Videos)

One thought on “Islam, the most reliable source for terror around the world”

  1. How “Tolerant of islam” are the Lefts, Greens and The General Idiot !!!

    Eventually they are Questioned by islams ….
    “Are You an islam ?”

    The Lefts, Greens and The General Idiot Response ….
    “No – But I am (obviously) enslaved !” …. or ….
    “No – But I am (obviously) suicidal !”

    The islams Reply ….
    “Off with their heads !”

    …. and their heads were off’d !
    …. and this is NOT a scene from Alice In Wonderland !
    (it is happenibng here and now in copious amounts on THISplanet)!

    Treasonous Seditious Lefts, Greens and The General Idiot
    • so many of you have been recognised and documented as destroying your own lives and being responsible for the death of many innocent people.
    • but it is not OK (by your actions) to put the lives of others so at risk – yours you can do with (apparently) as you want.

    What do these ‘things’ have in common ….
    • islams (cowards – they hunt in packs )
    • islam appeasers (slaves – they serve in packs)
    The desires for your own and others deaths !
    The desires to be recognised by (very well earned) looks of “disgust” !
    (because you ‘things’ are more disgusting than the smell of rotting garbage or sewerage pools).

    – you are well on your ways to your desires being achieved !
    – you have nearly completed your desired terminations !
    just when you thought islam (or you own personal slavery) was (almost) supreme !
    just when you thought your (false sense of) entitlement was proud – (this is called hubris) !

    bye silly islams !
    bye even sillier islam appeasers !
    Forever harmless to others locked in your own permanent islam hell !
    with No escape – EVER !
    With total awareness of what you have done – TO YOURSELF !
    and you thought you were going to islams version of ‘Heaven” !

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