How to get rid of the hate preachers we don’t want

Return to sender

by Andrew Bolt

What do we do with immigrants who believe their faith compels them to attack Australians? We can’t lock them up forever.

I beg to differ. (SY)

So why not send them back to where there are few infidels to provoke them, and fewer still to harm?:

HATE preachers and terrorists face being stripped of their Australian citizenship and sent back to their original countries under tough anti-terrorism measures being examined by the Abbott Government…

The move could for the first time encompass Australian citizens who were not dual nationals, meaning the terrorists and hate preachers would have to be accepted by another country.

1430008636541That would mean people such as Melbourne hate preacher Harun Mehicevic, who migrated from Bosnia but became an Australian citizen in 1996, are on notice they could be stripped of their citizenship if found to be acting against the interests of Australia…

The Government has been examining the Citizenship Act since February but until now was believed to be focused on dual nationals, such as the leaders of the 2005 MCG terror plot, Abdul Nacer Benbrika and Mohamed Ali Elomar.

But [the chairman of Parliament’s powerful Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Dan Tehan,] has gone further, writing in the Herald Sun that Australia should follow Britain in cracking down on citizens who betray the country that has bestowed citizenship upon them.

The trouble will lie in getting their country of birth to accept them. Most Muslim governments have little love for such extremists, either, so I doubt very much that this will work.

If there’s a will, there is a way. There are many third countries who would be happy to take them. There are quite a few places in Africa, Guyana, PNG or Bougainville might be suitable, and if that doesn’t work out, we should put them in chains and encourage them to dig a canal from Brisbane to Perth.

Stupid is as stupid does

They just dont get it do they and they never will:

Abbott devotes $545m to teach immigrants Muslims Aussie values
The federal government is funding a half-billion-dollar program to teach migrants Australian values, provide accommodation and help them access welfare in a bid…Abbott devotes $545m to teach immigrants Aussie values–9NEWS.COM.AU

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  1. Simply wait until they leave Australia on holiday and then revoke the citizenship. They won’t be able to board the plane from where ever they are.

    See ya.

  2. Burke and Wills disappeared into our huge desert, maybe these clowns could too.

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