Hundreds from UK Have Returned Home from Jihad In Syria

They UK will benefit greatly from their headchopping skillz, no doubt about it:

With the taste of war fresh in their mouths, it’s astounding that only half are under the category of “significant concern” when they have the capability and resources established to wage jihad at home.

Hundreds from UK Have Returned Home from Jihad In Syria
Over 700 potential terrorists have left the United Kingdom in order to carry out jihad in the Middle East, according to London’s Metropolitan Police Service, also known…
Sharia law goes against all values that we hold dear, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY
NOTHING better illustrates the dangerous, destructive influence of the ideology of multiculturalism than the creeping spread of sharia law through society.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY LEO MCKINSTRY
Imam Anjem Choudary: “We want to push out the Americans and have Sharia (Islamic law)”

I like brother Anjem. Most of the time he tells the truth. Only on Liberal CNN

Islam, the gift that keeps on giving:

Just as ISIS has destroyed ancient sculptures in Mosul, Iraq, they now aim to destroy the World ­Heritage-listed site of Palmyra in central Syria, an ancient Roman city.

Islam forbids culture and arts. So much for ‘multiculturism.’
The only culture allowable comes from the Quran… Islamic culture, Koranic music.

First they annihilate the people. Then they destroy the evidence of the existence of other civilisations. Islam is NOT multicultural – it is OPPOSED to other cultures. It is a unitary theocratic political system built on violence and fear.

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ISIS sledgehammers close in on ancient Roman city Palmyra
Islamic State fanatics are set to take the sledgehammer to ­another centre of antiquity in the culture war being waged alongside the bloody main game in the…   THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU