“Islam is a system that Allah revealed to dominate all other religions”


The left loves root causes, but the root cause of ISIS isn’t poverty, unemployment or a lack of democracy. It’s Islam”. Daniel Greenfield on beating the Islamic State

Objective to Dominate the World with Islam | Abu Baraa


“Islam is a system that Allah revealed to dominate all other religions”

Below are excerpts, courtesy of MEMRI, from a speech given in 1994 by Dr. Mohammed Malkawi, who is said to be the founder of the Chicago franchise of Hizb ut-Tahrir. According to the notes accompanying the video:

Dr. Mohammed Malkawi, a.k.a. “Abu Talha,” said, during a speech delivered at the International Muslim Khilafah Conference, held at Wembley Arena in London in August 1994, that “Islam is a “supreme system” that “will not coexist in the same place as democracy.” “Islam is a system that Allah revealed to dominate all other religions,” he said.

Notice how clear and frank Dr. Malkawi is about what must happen to Western political and judicial structures: they must fall. They must give way to Islam. There will be no governance but Islamic governance. This must be the case, because Allah has decreed it so.

This is how things were in London twenty-one years ago. What are they like now?

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Interview with Raymond Ibrahim on the disparity between what people are taught islamic history is, and the facts of islamic history. Interesting and worthwhile. (Vlad Tepes)

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  1. The racist (Traitor/Seditioner) Presenter, Producer and Director – Johnny Miller & Associates
    The Racist Monk of Myanmar (Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims by the government in Myanmar)

    Why islams are fearing for their lives ?
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    @ 14:47 Time
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    did you know islam’s have a law in the Qura’an.
    What is the law ?
    The law is that,
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    any person who does not belong to their religion,
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    The tea which you drink from their hotel must have been spat in.
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    The Reality of the Monk of Myanmar
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    So should we be activated by islamonausea – for our own survival !
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  2. Islam is a system that “Mohammed” invented. “Mohammed” is a myth that savages invented. Islam was simply invented by savages.

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