“Little Mosque in the Bush” — ABC Goes Proselytising For Islam

Auntie Does Dawa: Australia’s ABC Runs a Puff Piece on How Wonderful Islam Is and How Wonderful It is To Convert to Islam

by Christina McIntosh

The ABC promotes Islam in the Australian Bush:

This article – one could, echoing the title of a saccharine Canadian puff piece entitled “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, have entitled it “The Little Mosque in the Bush” – appeared, let me stress, this very week, only a few days after we had heard all about the attack on the Muhammad art exhibition in Garland, Texas, carried out by two Muslims, one of them a devout mosque-attending Afro-American convert to Islam; and not so very long, really, since we heard the news of the self-immolation of a young Euro-Australian convert to Islam, Jake Bilardi, who had gone to Syria to wage jihad fi sabil allah under the orders of the pious beheaders and child rapists of the Islamic State.  Our reliably Islamophile national broadcaster has, with this syrupy effusion that includes the romantic tales of two dozy bints – one Aussie, one of Indian Sikh origin – who have converted to Islam, simply outdone itself.  

Warning: if you intend to read on, have a bucket handy.  Or blood-pressure medication.

“This is Our Islam: Ararat Muslims  Reveal What It Is Like To be a Religous Minority in a Country Town”.  (ABC)

(that’s Ararat in Victoria, Australia, not Ararat in Armenia! – CM)

PHOTO: Parents Anas Ghazal and Kimberly Amatullah with their children Sarah Ghazal, Malik Ghazal, Samerah Ghazal. (ABC News: Margaret Burin)

Reality check: it is infinitely safer and more pleasant to be immigrant (and convert-to-Islam) Muslims living and nurturing their zeal for ‘allah’ and their currently-smilingly-masked hatred of and contempt for the circumambient Infidels, in a country town in Victoria, Australia, than it is for apostates from Islam anywhere that Muslims can come after them, or for Yazidi and Christian indigenous minorities in Iraq and Syria, or Coptic Christian indigenes barely surviving in Islamic Egypt, or for Hindu and Christian indigenes in ever-more-fiercely-Islamic Pakistan, or for Christians and HIndus and Buddhists in Muslim-dominated Malaysia or Indonesia, or, to cut a long story short, for non-Muslims in any region or state that is dominated and ruled by Muslims, Muslims, Muslims.

Here are three articles about the suffering of the Copts in Egypt.




And the link here will take you to a recent and detailed article about the lot of the minorities – mostly the non-Muslim, but also other-sect and deemed heretical Muslims – in Islamic Pakistan.  


Now, back to the ABC’s Margaret Burin, breathlessly describing the expansion of the Ummah into yet another town in Australia.

“Every Friday in the regional Victorian town of Ararat, 50 members of the Islamic Welfare Association join each other for prayer at a tiny brick building next to the town’s train station.

“On occasion they hold interfaith prayer sessions with the Catholic Church (I wonder whether the priest at that church has ever been told about Asia Bibi, in Pakistan, and what her Muslim co-workers did to her when she – as any Christian must – affirmed her belief that Jesus was a better man than Mohammed? – probably not; let alone what a huge crowd of shrieking Muslims did to – CM) but soon they will have a mosque, following the approval of the local council, as well as other local religious leaders.

None of these Useful Idiots blithely approving the entrenching of the Religion of Blood and War in their midst can, it seems, have done even a skerrick of homework on the subject of Islam; unlike some other brave and better-informed persons who, it appears, have tried to put up a fight…as we learn from the link provided:


‘Like most country Victorians, for these four families the town’s appeal was getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

More to it than that, I suspect.  These Muslims are expanding the territorial presence of the Ummah, as anyone would know who has read Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Faith, Power and Territory”, or ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”. – CM

“They are proud to call Ararat, which has a population of about 8,000 people, home, but said their religion was often misunderstood (no: understood only too well by those with even a modicum of commonsense and historical awareness – CM) and they are concerned that they are feared by the broader community.

Really?  They don’t like being feared?  When their model of conduct is a man who said “I have been made victorious by terror”??   – CM

Anas Gahazal, Kimberly Amatullah, and their three children Sarah, Malik, and Samerah

Anas Ghazal is a doctor at the Ararat Hospital.

I’m glad I’m not living in Ararat.  Do any of his Infidel patients ever look at him and think about that other Australian-trained Muslim doctor who recently shot through to Syria and joined the murderous beheaders, torturers, rapers and slave-traders of the Islamic State? That doctor was such a nice fellow, too, until he Went Jihad.  Do they feel entirely safe, entirely confident that he would always act with their best interests at heart?  What if he, like that other oh-so-nice doctor, so smiling and clever, were to Go Jihad, not in Syria, but…in Ararat.  A doctor has infinite opportunities to do harm, and not necessarily openly or obviously but rather in small, mean, subtle ways. – CM

Originally from Syria, he met his Australian-born wife Kimberly while she was visiting his home country to further her studies of the Quran.

Oh. dear.  And she’s been his ticket-to-Australia, his route to Australian residency and citizenship.  And since she was studying the Quran for years, there’s no way she can’t be aware of all those myriad verses that enjoin Jihad, and that inculcate hatred of, contempt for, aggression toward the filthy kuffar…and that also enjoin deception, as required. – CM

“We liked each other, were introduced to each other, and from there I proposed to her, we got married, and we stayed in Syria for two years”, Anas said.

‘Kimberly converted to Islam after learning about the faith from her friend (female or male? schoolfriend? fellow student at university or college? – CM) at the age of 18, before she met Anas.

“I suppose I was always looking for something, I was finishing school and looking for a purpose”, she said.

“After I converted to Islam, I had some teachers who were from Syria, so I went to Syria to learn from their teachers just more about islam and get a feel for a different culture”.

And what did her family of origin think about all this?  Were they frightened? foolishly approving? indifferent? sad? angry?  One thing we can be quite sure of; they would never send assassins after her to kill her, nor set out to kill her themselves, as has happened, more than once, in the case of Muslim females who, in the west, have apostasised from Islam.  When “Hannah Shah”, of Pakistani Muslim background, living in the UK, told her parents about her conversion to Christianity (at a similar age to that at which our dozy bint Kimberly converted to Islam), Hannah’s father sent a mob of men with axes to attack the house where she was staying, with murderous intent.

Question: are we ever likely to see, in the ABC newsfeed, a feelgood story featuring a sympathetic interview with a female apostate from Islam, converted to Christianity in Australia, who has married an Australian Christian man?  Would the ABC ever dare to tell us the story of Mona Walter?  Here is Walter, telling her story.


But now, back to our dozy bint, our Aussie convert to Islam, and her husband. – CM

‘The couple moved to Ararat from Bendigo three months ago with their three children and a fourth on the way.

Shall we ask them what they will do if, in 18 years time, any of those children whom they are busily producing for the Ummah break away and propose to become Christians, or atheists? – CM

‘Like any young family, their day-to-day is a juggle of work, school drop-offs and pick-ups, shopping, cooking and extracurricular activities.

Where are Kimberly’s parents, the Infidel grandparents of those Muslim children?  Are they permitted any contact with the children? Do they visit? Are they visited?  What are the parents teaching those children about their Infidel grandparents? – CM

“I work in the morning, come back home and am a father at home, getting the kids ready for bed. I go to the gym and play some soccer and tennis, Anas said.

‘Their lives in the country are far more relaxing than their former city ones, and while the couple said most of the community had welcomed them with open arms, living in a regional area did present some challenges.

“In Melbourne everyone knows about different religions, different people, it’s easy”, Anas said.

In Melbourne, many – though not all – people have been propagandised into thinking that Islam is just another religion. In country Victoria, some people may have escaped being propagandised and therefore hold to an older – and in fact more accurate – view of Islam, the view that Winston Churchill summed up when he called it “the religion of blood and war”. – CM

“But from what I hear out of the community, they’re not as open as Melbourne, so that’s a bit of a concern to me”.

Piffle.  Don’t even try to pretend that you’re being persecuted. You’re not. – CM

‘But Kimberly said she was mostly treated with respect by the broader community.

Which is very different from what happens to any Muslim who, in a majority Muslim country, or even within a Muslim colony in the non-Muslim world, publicly converts to, say, Christianity. And as for a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man who remains non-Muslim…In places like Egypt or Pakistan, a Muslimah who converted to Christianity, and married a Christian, would most likely have been assassinated already. – CM

“Since becoming Muslim I can say probably three times in 14 years I have had some comment towards me in a negative sense”, she said.

Do I detect a note of disappointment?  What this tells me, by the way, is that the spreading of awareness of what Islam really is, among the general Aussie public, has a long, long way to go.  People are not alarmed, as they should be, when they meet someone like our devoutly-Muslim convert to Islam, Kimberly ‘Amatullah’. –  CM

“But otherwise I get more positive comments like people go out of their way to comment on my scarf (ah yes, the Sharia Badge, her Gang Colours; the equivalent, if anyone had the wit to see it, of a Bund member in late 1930s American choosing to don and wear a Swastika armband – CM) and say it looks nice, or be positive to show they’re with me, not against me.”

Oh, dear. – CM

‘As the Federal Government considers different strategies to combat Islamic extremism, Mr Ghazal urged Australians to rembmer that perpetrators of terrorism were in the minority.

Sure. The Tiny Minority of Extremists…I’m getting tired of this.  His wife spent two years studying the Quran. I’ll bet she knows surah 9.29, and 9.5, and all the rest of it. There is no way she can’t; and no way that he doesn’t, either.  As for jihadis being a minority; by analogy, active serving members of the Australian Army are a minority, too; it doesn’t mean that they act without the approval and support of the rest of the society on whose behalf they act.  The jihadis are just the sharp cutting edge of the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob. – CM

“There is a big difference between what Muslims are doing and what Islam as a religion is”.

Nonsense.  It’s the same ‘argument’ used by the defenders of communism, back in the day.  No matter that mountains of corpses tended to pile up wherever communism was actually put into practice, and declared communists ruled, it was always claimed by defenders of communism on western campuses and in salons that that wasn’t ‘real’ communism.  But in the end…communism was as communism did; and Islam is as Islam does, as Muslims do.  And the idea that what islamic State or Boko Haram or Al Shabaab or Al Qaeda or the Ikhwan mobsters or any other bunch of murderous sharia- pushers are doing is ‘not Islam’ or ‘nothingtodowithIslam’ is simply nonsensical, the moment one looks at the Sunnah.  The jihadis of Islamic State are Muslim to their bootstraps, imitating Mohammed in all important particulars, right down to the seizure and sale of little infidel girls as sex-slaves, war booty. – CM

‘Osman Kokcu’

“Originally from Turkey, Osman Kokcu has been living in Australia for 14 years and currently works as supervisor at the local abattoir.

Is he a halal slaughterman? Does the abattoir produce only halal meat?  – CM

“His wife and children now live in Melbourne for their son’s high school education, but had been living in the regional town until recently.  “I go to Melbourne on the weekends…I decided to stay here because I have a good job”, Osman said.

‘During the week Osman keeps himself busy by playing soccer and with social gatherings.

Osman is vice-president of the Islamic Welfare Association in Ararat, and said the group provided support to help others get their lives off to a good start.

“We bring all the Muslims together, and if new Muslims come to town we find houses for them and jobs for them”, he said.

Muslim chain migration.  Establishing an Ummah colony, a beachhead for the Dar al Islam, in Ararat.  Note – “Islamic Welfare Association”.  Whereas if one spoke to a Christian charity of whatever kind, in Ararat or anywhere else, one would discover that their services were offered to all comers, of whatever faith or none, without any ‘strings’ attached.  The unwary Infidels of Ararat need to hurry up and read Sam Solomon’s Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, and his other book, The Mosque and Its Role in Society, and then they might look differently upon this seemingly-innocuous – but planned and purposeful – influx of Muslims. – CM

‘He said they also regularly came together to pray.

“We have prayers five times a day”, he said.

So they are devout Sunni Muslims, not Muslims sitting lightly to their faith. – CM

“Once a day, we try and get together and pray together so we can socialise, and tell each other what we have done during the day, and ask did y ou have any problems to discuss or any good news happened. We talk about what things we can do to improve ourselves”.

To anyone familiar with what happens when people become ever more fervently Islamic, taking Islam fully to heart, this is not reassuring.  And observe the level of social control going on, in this Muslim colony. – CM

‘Osman said the Islam he knew was a peaceful one.

Suure; while, as in Mecca, the Muslims in Ararat are few, and the Infidels many, too strong and numerous to be easily subdued. But if the Muslilms become numerous, and achieve power, it will be a different story. Then the colony will flip into Medina mode, and open, active aggression against the Infidels will begin.  – CM

“Islam is not what you see in the media – the terrorism and the negativity and the thinking of bad things about other people is not in Islam”, he said.

Liar. It is indeed in Islam, it is all through Islam from top to bottom.  The terrorism and the cursing and the insults are all over the Sunnah of Mohammed, they are hardwired into the Quran, the Sira and the Hadiths. I know. I’ve read the many, many verses that ooze venom against Jews, against Christians, against anyone who refuses to Submit. I’ve read what Mohammed did to the Banu Qurayza, and what his assassin did to Asma Bint Marwan, and many others; all of it reported gleefully and approvingly in those canonical Islamic texts. – CM

“Islam is always positive and looking forward and living a peaceful life”.

Define ‘peaceful’, mate.  Because I know a little about the special Islamic definition of ‘peace’; I know the Muslim goal,  the dream of Total World Domination, a global Sharia despotism. – CM

‘Saqib and Misbah’

‘Like many Australians in regional areas, Saqib and Misbah were keen to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and search for a fresh start in country Victoria.

‘Saqib is a taxi driver and living in Ararat means he has more time to focus on his key priority – his family.

“I have more time to spend with the family, and less time at work. We ended up buying a house here, which ended up costing me less in mortgage than the rent I was paying in Melbourne”.

A taxi driver.  A Muslim male taxi driver. Do the good people of Ararat know anything about what Muslim taxi drivers – lots and lots and lots of them – have been getting up to in the provincial towns of England? – CM

“With two young children and another on the way (ah yes, busy breeding more Muslims to swell the Ummah – CM) Saqib said their family life was very peaceful.

‘As a taxi driver, he said he felt like part of the community.

“My passengers have made me things for my kids, there’s a lady that made a jumper for my daughter, and another lady made blankets for my son and daughter, and on Easter and Christmas time they gave me Christmas gifts and Easter eggs”, he said.

Question: would devout Muslims do this sort of thing for a Coptic Christian taxi driver, in Egypt? For their Pakistani Christian or Hindu maid or street-sweeper, in Pakistan? – CM

“Last Christmas I delivered personally 14 Christmas cards to my regular customers. We are part of this society now”.

So long as you remain Muslim, though, you are taught that they are Dar al Harb and you are in Dar Al Islam, which is supposed to ultimately destroy and replace the Dar al Harb.  And shall we ask you about all the verses of the Quran – and other Islamic texts – that forbid the genuine befriending of Infidels? (A temporary and feigned friendship, or a ‘friendship’ pursued with dawa in mind, recruitment to the Ummah, that is a different thing). – CM

“Saqib said the media had a role to play in ensuring that coverage of Islamic extremism (no: of the behaviour of Muslims piously emulating the example and obeying the exact teachigns of Mohammed – CM) differentiated the behaviour of a minority and the views of the broader Muslim population.

Ah yes, it’s all the fault of the media, and Muslims who shout allahu akbar whilst raping Christian and Yazidi girls, or slicing off the heads of Coptic Christians on a beach, are not real Muslims and have nothingtodowithIslam (never mind that Mohammed raped captive women and cut off heads) – CM

“We (we = the advance colony of Muslims in Ararat, still playing nice and lying low, softening up the territory for Allah? – CM) are not like that”, he said.

Yet. But what happens when there are more of you, and you are stronger? When will the demands begin? When the minarets are built, and the azan is broadcast, louder and louder? – CM

‘Whatever they show on the television impacts our lives as a Muslim”.

So the media shouldn’t report it, so that nobody will realize that you are wearing the Gang colours of the very same Gang that is raping, enslaving, robbing and mass-murdering non-muslims on three continents, day after day after day, in perfect continuity with the recorded deeds of its founder and his companions as described in its canonical texts?  So that nobody will realize what is happening …until it is too late for the alarm to be raised? – CM

‘Riaz Mohd [= Mohammed – CM], Remandeep Kaur, and their 15 month old daughter, Aleena.’

‘Riaz and Remandeep are both from the same town in India.  Unable to marry because of their different religions, they moved to Australia.

‘Remandeep has since converted from Sikhism to Islam.

Oh, dear. – CM

‘The couple moved to Ararat from Melbourne four years ago to satisfy their visa conditions and they now both work at the local abattoir.

“Riaz is a Halal checker and slaughterman (ah, I see; I wonder what proportion of meat produced by that abattoir is now halal certified, and what proportion, if any, is not? – And thus the push to make halal the default, the norm for all non-pork meat sold in Australia, enables the infiltration of Muslims all the way along the supply chain…and, most likely, the eventual squeezing out of non-Muslim workers –  CM) and I am a meat inspector”, she said.

“They’re good jobs and we have a good life here, respect”.

Note that word, “respect”, which has already come up a couple of times in this article. Muslims, like other Gangs, are big on demanding and expecting ‘respect’.  Now, let us imagine what degree of ‘respect’ the average non-Muslim person – say, a Copt in Egypt – receives from the circumambient Muslims, and what would happen if they dared to demand, well, not ‘respect’, but just…decent treatment, treatment as a social and political equal. When Shahzad and Shama Masih, two impoverished brick kiln workers, sought better pay and conditions from their Muslim employer, he promptly spread a rumour that they had burned a Quran; and a mob of local Muslims, hundreds of them, dragged the young couple – and Shama was pregnant – from their home, beat them to a pulp and then threw them, still alive though barely, into a brick kiln and burnt them to ashes, leaving their three children – aged 6, 4, and 18 months – orphaned. That is the ‘respect’ that Muslims accord to the filthy unbelievers, when Muslims are in the majority, and the unbelievers are at their – nonexistent – mercy. – CM

‘Remandeep said they had been welcomed into Australia and the Ararat community.

“I love Australia, I wnat to spend my whole life here, and I am dreaming of my girl’s life here”, she said.

But what if, when she gets to age 18, she decides she wants to convert to Christianity and join the local Anglican or Catholic church and marry a Christian? What if she wants to be an atheist?  What if she becomes curious about her Sikh grandparents, and reads up on Sikhism, and decides to return to that faith?  What if you and your husband arrange a marriage for her, with a Muslim who wants an Australian -born wife as his ticket into Australia, and she refuses?  If she does any of these things – as, in Australia, she will have a perfect right to do – what will you do? Will you kill her? – CM

‘But Riaz and Remandeep feared that stories about Islamic State and other extremist attacks were generating misunderstanding about Muslim people as a whole.

No, they are showing us what Islam is, when it is taken fully to heart, when the example of Mohammed is followed to the letter, when the teachings in the Islamic texts are taken seriously and obeyed.  When the mask is off. –  CM

“If they are killing innocent people, then they are not Muslim”, Riaz said.

“Innocent people”.  Define exactly what you mean by ‘innocent’, mate.  Because I am aware of the special Islamspeak definition of ‘innocent’, according to which we kuffar qua kuffar are not ‘innocent’, we are by definition, qua kuffar, guilty. – CM

“If you have a Muslim friend or live next door to a Msulim, you will kow they are really good people, and how they live their life, honestly, no dirnk, no drugs, no smoking”.

Tell that to the unislamically dressed women who in places like Lakemba hear Muslim men screaming “Sharmuta! Whore” at them as they drive by. And tell it to the 1400+ abused girls in Rotherham, England. – CM

‘In every religion, there are bad people’.

But what happens when a ‘religion’ reveres as a ‘prophet’ a man who – among many, many other evil actions – raped a woman on the very same day as he had had her husband tortured to death?  When every action and every word of that man – including the rapes, the murders, the treaty-breaking, the deceit and the beheadings and the enslavings and the orderings of assassinations and the taking of a nine-year-old girl to bed – is held to be the model of appropriate conduct?  – CM

“If some people have feelings of revenge, it is separate from religion – Islam is peaceful.”

Nonsense.  One of the defining features of Islam – and it can be seen in many a verse in the Quran and in the Hadiths, and in many an incident in the life of Mohammed – is obsessive vengefulness, ‘getting even’, ‘retaliation’. 

But of course our ABC reporter does not know, and has not even so much as exerted herself to find out, any of this.  She listens, and swallows it all unquestioningly, and it is published, and the stories of Kimberly, the Aussie infidel who converted to Islam and spent two years immersing herself in the Quran – the Quran! – and married a Muslim and brought him back to Australia, and of Remandeep, the Indian Sikh girl who romantically ran away to Australia with her Muslim beloved, and our two dozy bints are both so happy and smiling in their hijabs in the photographs depicting them en famille, are subliminally suggesting to the infidels – especially to any silly girls of the right age – that converting to Islam is simply wonderful.

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  1. Interesting – very telling – that the last woman saw Islamic terrorism as “revenge”.

  2. “..Reality check: it is infinitely safer and more pleasant to be immigrant (and convert-to-Islam) Muslims living and nurturing their zeal for ‘allah’ and their currently-smilingly-masked hatred of and contempt for the circumambient Infidels, in a country town in Victoria, Australia, than it is for apostates from Islam anywhere that Muslims can come after them, or for Yazidi and Christian indigenous minorities in Iraq and Syria, or Coptic Christian indigenes barely surviving in Islamic Egypt, or for Hindu and Christian indigenes in ever-more-fiercely-Islamic Pakistan, or for Christians and HIndus and Buddhists in Muslim-dominated Malaysia or Indonesia, or, to cut a long story short, for non-Muslims in any region or state that is dominated and ruled by Muslims, Muslims, Muslims…”

    Extremely well put. It should be in a speech at the UN – or preferably somewhere else more useful.

  3. Urgent ….
    Chalk Outlines required around islams in Ararat ….
    (that’s Ararat in Victoria, Australia, not Ararat in Armenia! – CM) !
    Actually it doesn’t matter which location
    – either is fine for islam Chalk Outlines !

    It is permissable (even for The Religious) to use lethal force to protect themself and theirs against islam AND islamoamourers !!!

    Why would “Our Authorities” (Politicians etc) FIX this ongoing islam migration (invasion) !
    “Our Authorities” (Politicians etc) are NOT our friends !!!
    Perceive “Our Authorities” (Politicians etc) as the islamoamourers that THEY REALLY ARE !!!

    1. Their resident “Expert on Islam”, Waleed Aly, promoted BOKO HARAM as a “harmless little known group” after they had just slave-raided 150 young (mostly Christian) schoolgirls.

      DEFUND THE ABC (Antisemitic Broadcasting Corporation)

      The future will not belong to those politicians who protect the ABC.

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