Oz gubmint throws another $450m at “homegrown terrorism”

Hopeless. They are just feeding the monster they themselves created.

More in budget to fight homegrown terror

The Australian

Federal police officers remove evidence during a raid

The government has reportedly allocated an extra $450m in the budget to fight homegrown terrorism.Source: AAP

THE Abbott government plans to spend an extra $450 million on fighting terrorist propaganda and bolstering intelligence agencies, it’s been reported.

Bomb tweets ground planes

Prakash grabs
Australia’s most senior Islamic State fighter has forced three major airlines to ground planes after making a bomb hoax.

THE ABC reports that the bulk of the additional budget cash – $296 million – will help strengthen the capabilities of intelligence agencies, including by updating IT systems.

The telecommunications industry will get $131 million to help companies upgrade their storage systems, so they can comply with new metadata laws and hold phone and internet records for two years.A further $22 million will be spent fighting terrorist propaganda, which is used by organisations like Islamic State to recruit young Australians through the internet and social media.The government says the extra money “will make it harder for terrorist groups to attract vulnerable Australians”, the ABC reports.

3 thoughts on “Oz gubmint throws another $450m at “homegrown terrorism””

  1. The #2 islamic Threat in Australia….
    • islam is sharia (incl. it’s illegal halal contamination certification)
    • islams enforcing their cult (constantly demanding islams “Special” treatment).

    The #1 islamic Threat in Australia ….
    • Australia’s Politicians
    • Australis’s Politicals
    • Australia’s Local Government Councillors
    • Australia’s PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs

    Please Explain !
    Australia’s “Authorities” did it to Pauline !
    Now Australia’s “Authorities” do it to the rest of us !
    (using the Pauline Template )

    1. Arrest AND incarcerate Australia’s
      • Politicians
      • Politicals
      • Local Government Councillors
      • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs

      THEN “Remove” the islams !!
      THEN dust the islams Religious Buildings and Texts !!!

  2. Obama et al pretend ISIS’ message is so “sophisticated” that its “propaganda” is “winning.”

    Yet all ISIS is doing is quoting the Qur’an which says “God commands these crimes!”

    Against that simple truth (which anyone can verify) all they’ve got is a lie: “No it doesn’t!”



    “Radicalization” is simple: the Judeo-Christian Bible says if you feel depressed and commit suicide (especially while trying to murder others) you’ll go to Hell.

    Islam says if you commit suicide WHILE murdering others, you go to Paradise.

    Beyond that this whole fable of public “confusion” about “motives” is only propaganda put out by globalist corporazis, who know islam wants the same thing they do – a no-nations one-world government. All the banksters will be glad to say the shahada and join islam if they then get to run it.

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