Pamela Geller is Right. Her Critics Are Wrong.

“Pamela Geller and the cartoon controversy,” 

By Larry Hart, Times of Israel,

Excellent piece in the Times of Israel. Share it. Hart nails it.
This one obscure presentation revealed to America that jihad is not just over there, it’s right here. No longer can the media, Obama and the elites ignore and excuse terrorism that is committed in the cause of Islam.

The country is aware of the jihad threat. We are having a conversation we should have had years ago.

It is now being reported that evidence is mounting of ties between the Texas jihadis and ISIS.



“Pamela Geller and the cartoon controversy,” By Larry Hart, Times of Israel, May 12, 2015

It was the perfect ambush. Hold a contest to draw caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, have heavily armed security waiting, and when the jihadists show up with their weapons, kill them on the spot. This is the perfect way of dealing with this problem. You draw them out so no others in the community are harmed, no accusations of killing innocents, children, old people, or any of the other types of human shields that terrorists regularly use on their battlefield, only the bad guys who want to kill us, are the only ones ending up dead. So easily identified because they are walking in with AR 15s, flak jackets and combat fatigues.

I don’t think they are coming in for lunch.

This is what Pamela Geller and her group, “the American freedom defense initiative,” did in Garland Texas recently. They held a “Prophet Mohammad cartoon contest.” Like bringing cockroaches out of the dark with food scraps, nothing draws murdering Muslims to a party like drawing pictures of Mohammed. As expected two Jihadists showed up planning to take some innocent people with them. Turns out, they didn’t get the chance. Geller’s group under no illusions unlike some other Americans, hired extra security expecting trouble. And, Jihad didn’t disappoint. They showed up. Now they are dead.

The event location was a good choice  by the way. Texas is an example of how all Americans should be acting in this dangerous world that we are living in. They don’t take “no” shit from “no” body. You combine that Texas swagger with the courage and conviction of a Pamela Geller and you have one potent jihadist killing Machine.

I don’t want to give any false impressions. I’m sure Ms. Geller did not plan on that happening, but at the same time, she knew that this would anger those that hate us anyway. So, they were prepared.

Ms. Geller, and her partner in crime, Robert Spencer have sacrificed their own anonymity and safety by speaking out for many years since 9-11 against the rise of Jihad in the west. They have done the dirty work protecting free speech, while the rest of us just cheer them on from the sidelines.

Take a look at Robert Spencer’s website, He tracks Jihadist attacks, where they are, and who they are, everywhere in the world.

Geller is ahead of the curve with this kind of action. So many stay away from the cartoon controversy, and want nothing to do with it because it puts their lives in danger. South Park, the NY times, various news broadcasts and commentators will not show depictions of the Prophet in caricature. Charlie Hebdo, Theo Van gogh, and by extension Jews in a Parisian deli, have paid the ultimate price for insulting the Prophet according to the Jihad creed for many years since 9-11 against the rise of Jihad in the west. They have done the dirty work protecting free speech, while the rest of us just cheer them on from the sidelines.

Not so, Pamela Geller. Her message is clear. You are not going to destroy my right to free speech. You want to kill me over it. We will stand against you until you are either dead or gone. Our government won’t do it. Our president is too scared or complicit with the idea of creating a Jihadist atmosphere in western societies. Choose which ever accusation you want. Both fit equally on Barack Obama. He won’t do it, so we will have to.

I think Ms. Geller has the right idea. We should set up cartoon contests of drawing the Prophet  in every city of the United States. Arm the security with everything they need and just sit and wait for them to come. Kill them our way instead of trying to figure out how to get along with them like or clueless president.

But, not all are cheering Geller’s idea of how to promote free speech. I have heard from many corners of the media criticizing  Geller’s contest, calling her “controversial,” “a trouble maker,” “a lightning rod.” Doug Macintyre after using some of those descriptions also said on his radio show on KABC in Los Angeles, “she is passionate about free speech and unwilling to yield any territory to the extremists who would kill for drawing the Prophet Mohammad.” We can all learn something from Pamela Geller.

Let’s analyze Ms. Geller’s actions and see how much of a “trouble maker” she really is. Two Jihadists are dead who never had the chance to kill innocent Americans. They injured one unarmed security guard in the ankle in the firefight but no one died, except them. If Ms. Geller had not held her contest, those Muslims would  have eventually chosen a different target to hit, maybe a grocery store, a shopping mall, or just opened fire on the most crowded intersection in Houston. Isn’t it better doing it the Geller way, set them up, wait for them to come and kill them when they do? Yep, the perfect ambush.

Pamela Geller might just be the strongest advocate for free speech in America today. She could take it as a middle name she is so passionate about it. Pamela “free speech” Geller.

This war, unlike other wars, is not just “over there.” It isn’t just in Mosul, or Damascus, or Jerusalem. It’s also in Omaha, Sydney and L.A. It was our mistake to let them in, now we have to be the ones to take them out.

Visit Pamela’s website at and follow her on twitter @atlasshrugs or @pamelageller.  Give her your support. If you live anywhere in the free world she is doing it for you.

God Bless Pamela Geller and all who think like her.

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2 thoughts on “Pamela Geller is Right. Her Critics Are Wrong.”


    Islam is only an ancient extortion racket crime syndicate which praises “god” for it’s members own criminal desires and actions.

    Pamela Geller, a “provocateur!”?

    Pretty-much everyone with a conscience finds it offensive and “provocative” when criminals insist they aren’t to be accused of their crimes, or mocked for the patheticness of their alibi-excuses for them, “or else!”

    Muslims really aren’t allowed to draw people, period. Because when Moe saw pics of people, he got scared, thinking they were moving and looking at him – he was a schizophrenic idolater. There’s also a clear death penalty for mocking ‘prophets’ – especially Muhammad. His Arab enemies (victims) of his time drew cartoons mocking his alibi-excuse that “God” told him to commit his crimes.


    Muslims who assert “YOU CAN’T ACCUSE US OF OUR CRIMES!” incite the obvious response, not the other way around! Muhammad was a murderous child-rapist, so when his minions – both muslims and leftists – demand we “Respect!” him, “or else!” then they can expect a backlash for their illegal criminal extortion threats!

    Muslim extortion is the real crime here, not our legal, just and moral defensive defiance of it!

  2. Since 9-11 I’ve travelled between Canada and Australia several times. I’ve been frisked probed and poke at nauseum and sick of it. We are never going to get our freedom. there is nothing I can do, but to watch and study the history,and watch the populace, blindfolded walk in a daze.
    What is happening to us ? What kind of guilt is leading us to the slaughter? What did we do that was so horrible to leave us in a state of suicidal behavior. At this stage of my life I really don’t care I will be dead soon and life will slowly go instinct.
    Goodby my friends it’s been good knowing you, I’ve had a wonderful time without god. Forget religion, love one another and if you don’t wake up you will die by the sword of islam they are going to kill each one of us if we don’t submit to the will of allah, what a pity…. goodby


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