Shahid Malik Was Right

Number of UK Muslim MPs Doubles

Here’s what Shahid Malik said in 2010:

Ex-Labour MP Shahid Malik shows what the aspirations of Islam are for the UK. This is at a major Islamic conference in the UK.

LONDON – Making a new record in British parliament, a record of 13 Muslim lawmakers have been elected in one of the most unpredictable and extraordinary general elections in Britain, doubling the nu…  ONISLAM.NET
No one will be shipped back against his will
Beats me how people like Federica Mogherini,  the socialist Foreign Minister of the EU, can live with themselves. People like her are committing open treason against their society, their culture and civilisation.

Britain is cracking down on Islamist extremism Islam
And now Muslims are speaking out throwing hissy fits. WATCH and please share your thoughts.


Who benefits when infidel taxpayers have to foot the bill to feed him halal grub in prison for 14 years?

Man jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl
A “predatory” restaurant boss has been jailed for 13 years after becoming the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex…
Digbeth snooker club saw predators hiring out rooms to abuse underage girls, police report claims
Big Break Snooker Club closed down after being linked to child sexual exploitation, robberies, thefts and drugs

2 thoughts on “Shahid Malik Was Right”

  1. “Britain is cracking down on Islamist extremism Islam”

    Watch the video of Teresa May

    at 1.06

    She says “we are one nation, one society together”

    She did not say one law.

    Why are there Sharia Courts in Britain?

  2. “Here’s what Shahid Malik said in 2010:”

    He will say “what is wrong with what I said?”

    “Why can’t we have Britain’s first Muslim Prime Minister?”

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