Since when did freedom of speech involve provoking and offending over one billion Muslims across the globe? …

Pam Geller Shamefully Instigated Attack


Kathleen Parker doesn’t get it, but shamefully gets her knickers in a wad over Geller’s cartoon contest:

… It’s been done. And each time, the result is the same. You haul out a picture of Muhammad; “they” haul out a fatwa. Cat puts out cheese; mouse gets eaten. What does one expect? …

More shameful attack instigation, eaten halal mice, not listening to Geller – but writing quite a bit about her – at Newsmax thanks to Mullah, pbuh

O’Reilly knows what Jesus would do:


In other news:

Shut up and submit to the religion of peace. Or else:
Create a peaceful world and stop attacking our Prophet

… Who will hold those mocking the Prophet (pbuh) accountable? Freedom of expression comes with responsibilities, blah blah… over 1 billion easily offended followers by Mahmoud Ahmad at Saudi Gazette thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Build it and they will come:

A MOSQUE in Bendigo was being built solely to attract more Muslims to the city as there were currently only 35 Islamic worshippers in the area, a tribunal has been told. ...

More good news at Herald Sun (Mullah)

Takes one to know one….
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has appealed to the international community to take swift and decisive action to avoid more tragedies of migrants seeking a better life.


MSNBC “expert” equates the entire Muslim community with terrorists who kill people over cartoons

“I support freedom of speech…but…

when you do something that offends the entire Muslim community, you are provoking Muslims to be violent.”

Brussels Forces UK to Accept Mediterranean Black African Muslim Migrants
The European Union could force Britain to take tens of thousands of new refugees pulled from the Mediterranean under plans being drawn up by commission… – Breitbart

13 thoughts on “Since when did freedom of speech involve provoking and offending over one billion Muslims across the globe? …”

  1. But but Islam is the Religion of Peace – that is what the learned imams – Cameron, Bush, Merkel, Obama, and academics tell us. Its just that tiny minority of 1 billion lone wolves that give Islam a bad name,

  2. Re the article on Pope Francis I. What he *should* be doing is demanding 1/ that the EU put a complete ban on ALL further entry of Muslims into any part of Europe and 2/ that immigration and refugee status be granted to Coptic Christians and to the remnant indigenous Christians of Syria and Iraq, if the EU doesn’t have the guts to intervene to try another option: to help the remaining Maronite Catholics and Greek Orthodox of Lebanon turf out the Muslims – ALL the Muslims – from a suitable piece of economically/ ecologically-viable and militarily defensible territory on the shore of the Med north of Israel, that would become a *Muslim-free* secular and Christian state – let’s call it “Mont Liban” – into which Assyrian and other local Christians from Syria and Iraq could be integrated. As Israel for the Jews, so “Mont Liban” for the indigenous Christians of the Levant and Mesopotamia; a defensible, heavily fortified, economically-viable enclave…and it should be under the ‘umbrella’ of both Russia and the USA, as the two most powerful daughters of Eastern and of Western Christendom, respectively. Now there’s an idea. (And while we’re thinking about what could be done if the world’s most powerful infidel nations had a gram of imagination, commonsense, and understanding of what the Jihad is really all about, imagine if all the Muslims were turfed out of Gaza, Gaza Strip and Sinai, all the way to the west bank of the Suez, and the Suez, Sinai and Gaza were to become Nova Aegyptia…**for the Copts of Egypt**. Its main brief? – keeping the Suez passage safe for Infidel shipping, and protecting the Mt Sinai sacred site. And both Nova Aegyptia and Mont Liban would ally themselves with Israel. Mad idea? But if Kosovo could be carved out of Serbia, for *Muslims* only, why not create a Copt-only state for Copts or a Maronite-and-other-Christian-only state for the – in danger of *genocide* – indigenous Christians of the northern Levant and Mesopotamia??). Other things the Pope should be doing? – publicly inviting Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mona Walter and Magdi Cristiano Allam (among others) to the Vatican for private conversations with himself, the subject of discussion being the Islamisation of Europe and possible pushbacks against same. Another idea? – he should be publicly announcing an intended official papal visit to Pakistan, to encourage the persecuted faithful in that country, and notifying the Pakistani Government that while in their country he intends to pay a pastoral visit to a member of his flock in prison, namely, Asia Bibi, in order to pray with her, bless her, and bring her the eucharist.

    As for subsaharan and eastern mostly-nominally-Christian Africa, the way to stem the flow of people fleeing is to be urging western governments to side with and assist those who – as in Central African Republic – are fighting back against Jihad attacks by Muslims. Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania can be urged and assisted to resist Islamisation, and if they take steps to turf out the troublemaking Muslims from their midst, into neighbouring already-lost-to-Islam countries, instead of screaming ‘human rights abuses’ the EU and other western entities should tell the countries in question: “We understand; if you need to, if it’s about surviving as a non-Muslim country…kick them out. And once they’re out, we’ll help you fortify and patrol your borders to stop them from getting back in. Just like we’re having to do..”. South Sudan and a number of other non-Muslim African countries need to be sternly told, both by religious leaders like the Pope and by Western political leaders, that they cannot afford the luxury of inter-tribal conflict when the Jihad is looming on their borders, aiming to annihilate or enslave them all.

      1. He’s nothing but another cleric who will sell his followers out in an instant.

    1. Islam, U.N., EU and U.S. would never agree with such ideas.
      There is an agreement to Islamise Europe first.
      The People of Europe should reverse the EU and appoint national government capable to implement an effective rule of Reciprocity, Affordability and Compatibility with all cultures and ethnic groups. Those who are compatible stay and those who are enemies of Freedom and Civil Rights go home and never enter the West – better say the “New West” as a portion has been taken by Islam and never taken back in spite the many chances.
      Christians from persecuted countries should be absorbed in all countries with a Judeo-Christian heritage, while Muslim migrants should be naturalised by the rich Ummah instead of landing to Lampedusa. Cheers

      1. The rule of repricocity is exactly what’s missing in this world.
        Criminal idolaters always divide rights from responsibilities. claiming they can have the first without the painful second.

  3. The Jews had a will. They had a mission and zeal. They believed and they made it happen.

    The Christians of today have nothing. They are lost.

    1. Christians today have not anymore Christian kings in charge.
      A decision was made starting from the XVII century that Medioeval theocracy would finally be upgraded by the inspiration of the value of divine grace, freedom of conscience and religion translated in the civic body of Jurisprudence.
      We cannot reverse such procedure until God doesn’t close Himself the Age of Grace. He will appoint His Kingdom without human hand – as per statement in the Book of Daniel.
      What Christian can still do is to send home corrupted and biased politicians and vile statesmen who have been pushed to the high seat of power in the West by a consortium of enemies and traitors. The sooner the better, but Judeo-Christianity is under fire from many direction and even at home due to poisoning ideologies.

  4. Interesting that those media who defend Islam are the same stock being involved in offending Christianity for more than a century. Charlie therefore is OK… Pamela No!
    My suggestion to Christians is to let Libertarians and Media resolve the matter of the cartoon, as, yes, it is about liberty but not of that sort that Christians normally use or should use.
    Instead of cartoon let’s use the liberty to make clear that Sharia and Islam are not logically, theologically, historically and constitutionally compatible with the Western Civilisation.

    1. Leftists and Muslims are not logically, theologically, historically and constitutionally compatible within a nation state that rejects collectivism and upholds individual rights.

      Their conceptual thinking requires the abandonment of reason.

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