“Ahmed” did it!

Nine out of ten mosque “attacks” are caused by Muslims themselves.

When graffiti was discovered at the Garden City Mosque in Toowoomba, the usual agitprops screamed “Islamophobia!”

Now a young man with the surname ‘Ahmed’ pleaded guilty and was fined $750 for his ‘artwork’.

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Mosque graffitist fined $750 with no conviction
THE man who defaced the Garden City Mosque has pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful damage.–THECHRONICLE.COM.AU
Another one bites the dust

Oliver Bridgeman, 18, left his hometown of Toowoomba in March, leaving the country under the guise of doing aid work in Indonesia.

Queensland teenager denies joining terror group in Syria
A Queensland teenager, feared to have taken up arms in Syria, takes to Facebook saying he is only doing humanitarian work.
No, they are not a “tiny minority of excremists”…
Face Reality: Many Muslims Support ISIS
In the last week of May, the Qatar-based Arabic news network Al-Jazeera polled its Arabic-language audience on the question: “Do you support the victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in your region?” The results were shocking….
UK Sharia courts “main aim” to “restrict and deny rights” of women and children
If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t need any sharia courts.

Just for laughs!

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