Europe does away with itself, part 2

‘Mind your own business!’ UN official blasted for ordering Britain to take MORE refugees
BRITAIN should be forced to take in more of the flood of migrants making their way across the Mediterranean, according to a senior UN official.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY NICK GUTTERIDGE
Mooch in Londonistan

Michelle Obama visits the Taliban stronghold of Tower Hamlets:

First Lady Welcomed By London Schoolgirls
On the first day of her UK trip pushing for all girls to receive an education, the First Lady meets students from Tower Hamlets.

Speaking to the crowd of hijab-clad girls, Mrs. Obama said, “When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story.” And then went on to praise the local area, which is known for being a hot bed of Islamist activity and sympathy.

She described Tower Hamlets as a place where “families are tight knit… with strong values”.There has certainly been evidence of a very “tightly knit” cabal attempting to rule Tower Hamlets. Almost half of Britain’s 1300 cases of Female Genital Mutilation last year were from Londonistan.

English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man
Vikki Horsman, 20, converted to Islam for Mohammed Rafiq. She wore a headscarf and changed her name to Aleena Rafiq. She ended the relationship when he became ‘too controlling’.  Acid was thrown….
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wants To Know If Ben Affleck Would Play Muhammad
Activist, Islamic apostate, and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a question for Ben Affleck: would you play the role of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in a movie? Good question!
In Europe, the churches are burning
Blaze ravages historic basilica in France
A huge blaze swept through a historic basilica in the western French city of Nantes on Monday morning, with locals flocking to share pictures and videos on social media. – The Local
In order to protect the muslims
Dutch government postpones release of survey showing anti-Semitism among Muslim youth
According to the findings, Israel invoked the least favorable reactions, with 13 percent of Christians expressing negative feelings as opposed to 62 percent of…  JPOST.COM
Europe now has open-door immigration
The Left’s dream of open-door immigration is now effectively being achieved by back-door mass migration across the Med under the moral guise of rescuing… – The Commentator

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  1. ALL islam Appeasers
    … (eg – the non-islam agitators for islam immigrantion AND rights)
    … watch a “stupid fool” laugh (not realising she is the BUTT of the jokes) (STOP when you have had enough “Pleasantries
    … ’til the islams do to her what they did to this “(Not a) Poor Innocent
    … The news articles are endless
    … Watch the Number One STUPID idiot “Who Takes it up the BUTT for islam” Affleck getting exposed by a Real Human
    … Ayaan says “Ben you’re a great guy; go and re-think this. Go and think.”
    Affleck is guilty of TREASON AND SEDITION – Ayann
    (‘Benny’ requires a jail term)

    … AND
    ALL islamsborn AND convert/”revert”
    in ALL Secular Countries “LEAVE” for the nearest arab islam Country …
    taking …
    Choice 1: Voluntarily AND Very Quickly !
    Choice 2: There is no 2nd Choice – and its consequence is TERMINAL !

    islams (non-humans) – irrespective of (incorrect) islam thought
    YOU have absolutely NO entitlement to be HERE THERE or ANYWHERE !!!
    … and there is NO way any parasitic by default islam (non-human) can ever EARN the right to exist !!!

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