Allah hates the disbelievers….

From the Religion of Peace

It’s a cute picture, but while this counter-protester was
holding up her sign in Arizona on Friday, Muslims with an
actual understanding of Islam were raping captured Yazidi
teens while forcing them to recite verses from the Quran.
There are four different places in the Quran authorizing
Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves, but not once
does it say that Allah (or “Islam”) loves non-believers.
(Read what the Quran really says about non-Muslims here).

In other news:

Jihad in Sheep’s Clothing  (Catholic World)
“Stealth jihad is an attempt to spread Islamic law and culture by non-violent means, including political activism, propaganda and lawfare.” It works by making people afraid of telling the truth about Islam.

The Genocide in Bangladesh  (Muslim Issue)
While Muslims obsess over the condition of Rohingya in Myanmar, they completely ignore brutal persecution of minorities in Bangladesh – the Rohingya’s true homeland.

2 thoughts on “Allah hates the disbelievers….”

  1. The Quran Says that Allah does NOT Love unbelievers

    And This is – um – WHAT !!!
    An Absolute Bliss, Joy & Blessing
    – YES! YES! and YES!

    Hallelujah – I am NOT Cursed by the islam “allah” of Everything and Anything Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful !

    Hallelujah – Oh Happy Day – um – WHY !!!
    islams “allah” hates me !!!

    Hallelujah – islams “allah” hates me !!!
    It says so in their (islams) Shiite’y Qur’an
    – islams Book of Determined Hate !
    – islams “allah” hates me !!!
    – islams told me so !
    – oh happy day !
    – islams “allah” hates me !!!

    Now Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islams – Sib Eddi !
    Now that is a really great video clip ….
    Absolutely love the sound of the chorus “Sib Eddi” !
    An absolutely STUNNING mix for “Sib Eddi” !
    May Reda be released by Egypt’s Police
    and Wael safe !
    (brought to my attention by – BNI)

    1. Just to clarify a few points about “Sib Eddi” ….
      (in case you missed them !)

      June 2, 2015 @ 4:39 am
      This is not his girlfriend. The director of the video (the bald guy) made a video a few days ago explaining why he made the video. He made it knowing that it would cause a huge buzz to get the attention of the media. He explained in the video that he is a film director who studied abroad and when he returned to Egypt he never found a proper job opportunity as a young, aspiring director. In the video (which has thousands of views by now) he proposed a plan to AL Sisi to improve the state of the shitty Egyptian film industry. He also mentions in the video that he is in Tunisia to work on a film project.
      The video:

      And this explains why I (and hopefully many others) consider this a really good (its bright happy and cheerful) video clip and irrespective what others have written about Reda – I thought and still think – Reda was/is fantastic and magnificent in the clip !

      A Great Creation !!!

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