At last: the migrants we have all been waiting for!


Malaysian Tribal Elder: Western Nudists Must Offer 10 Buffalo for Causing Earthquake


NYPD Actively Recruiting Muslim Officers — After Muslim Executed NYPD Officers

The NYPD is actively recruiting Muslim officers to “regain trust,” 14 years after Muslims crashed planes into the World Trade Center.

Woman Sues French Government for $120000 for Not Stopping Son’s Jihad Trip 
The French government should sue this Muslim mother for not taken care of the brat… | Pamela Geller,…
The experts criticize America’s detachment from the four wars now under way in the region. And they say the Obama administration is banking on Iran to stabilize the…  MCCLATCHYDC.COM

ARMAGEDDON? What unrestricted Muslim immigration means for the future for Europe

From Barenaked

When interviewed, these Muslim illegal alien invaders don’t even hide the fact that they intend to live off the generous welfare policies of European taxpayers.

Then there’s the Islamic State (ISIS), looking toward Italy and Spain as their first targets for the spread of the caliphate into the EU. And don’t forget the rape epidemic, a huge problem in several EU countries with large Muslim populations where Muslim men prey on white Christian women. All this and more, coming soon to a Western nation near you with liberal Muslim immigration policies.

Europe is flooded by an endless tsunami waves of “refugees” and “immigrants”. The vast majority of them are Muslims from Middle Eastern countries and Africa. They are coming by the THOUSANDS at once. Our political leaders want us to believe, they are victims of human trafficking, war, escaping poverty etc. Media outlets are spilling litres of crocodile tears. “Human rights organisations” and lefty NGO’s are urging us to welcome them by all means. In some places the situation had taken bizarre shape. Indigenous people have to move out of their houses (mostly old people) to make place for refugees.  Who are most of the refugees? What hazards  are they bringing to our countries, what we can expect from them in the future etc.