The humanity of head choppers

Oz politicians have to grow a spine and stop pandering to Mohammedan head choppers. They cannot go on blaming us for not wanting any more third world savages.

Tom Keneally: Politicians must stop using language to strip refugees of their humanity
 Instead of using the English language to support cruel policies and scapegoat victims, we should commit to finding an international solution to the refugee puzzle.–SMH.COM.AU
“We” are not “scapegoating victims”. Mohammedan invaders are not victims, period. Yes, lets find an “international solution”:  lets get the filthy rich Arab Muslims in the Gulf states to take care of them. They have a religious obligation to do so!
Interesting: nobody calls them ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’ anymore, even the journallie calls them “migrants”. 
But they are not “migrants” either. They are invaders….
Why won’t one Muslim Gulf country accept a single boat person migrant?
By Graham Baird We read that the Royal Navy is now rushing at full speed to actively assist in bring 2,000 illegal immigrants to Britain by rescuing then off the…  BNP.ORG.UK
81% of Arab Muslims support ISIS

1 in 4 Palestinians support ISIS. 81% of Arab Muslims support ISIS. That’s 30 million Arabs. You can find these statistics on Al Jazeera. Arab Israelis prefer to live under the Israel Authority than the PA Authority.

So revise your anti Israel propaganda to me again, who’s living a naive life?

Shayli Hodadad's photo.

1 in 4 Palestinians support ISIS. 81% of Arab Muslims support ISIS. You can find these statistics on Al Jazeera. Arab Israelis prefer to live under the Israel Authority than the PA Authority.

NGO accuses Israel of systematic abuse of Palestinian kids

NGO’s smearing Israel come a dime a dozen.

Palestinian children’s rights group says ‘ill-treatment is still widespread, systematic and institutionalized’ in IDF detention system; IDF source denies…–YNETNEWS.COM

2 thoughts on “The humanity of head choppers”

  1. Via …
    … If Australia allows islams to increase their numbers, this nation is doomed to either be subjugated to Sharia or there will be a very disastrous civil war. At this time, even our right-wing politicians are pandering to the islams, with even our prime minister trying to assert that Islam is peaceful and only a tiny handful of islams are extremists and radicals.
    (do Australia’s Politicians REALLY think that pandering to islams will STOP the islams soon to be rioting and plundering in the streets of Australia – irrespective – ah – remember Hyde Park and Cronulla and ALL the unsolved assault crimes happening !!!)

    Of course this is not true. Here is an interesting article on The Pickering Post that is a real eye-opener.
    Where Paul Zanetti claims ….
    Our leaders and agencies understand the very real threat posed by the instructions in Islamic teachings. Yes, our leaders are on top of it.
    Guess I’m (jD.) a doubting thomas – sure looks like islam appeasement to me !

    Australia is facing the same problem as France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other European nations. Australia may have stopped the boatloads of islams trying to invade this nation, but the Europeans are literally committing suicide by picking up and resettling hundreds of thousands of islams flooding in from Africa.

    If something is not done to stop islams coming to secular nations, in a generation or two, Europe will become Eurabia and Australia will either become the Islamic Republic of Australistan or there will be a civil war that will destroy this nation.

    The bottom line is that Australia needs to get rid of this scourge by
    • banning Islam,
    • demolishing every mosque,
    • closing down every islam school and
    • kicking out every islam possible.
    If Australia allows islam to proliferate in the same way as France, we are doomed.



    When an islam converts (or reverts) a non-muhammadan to islam
    – that islam is committing TREASON and SEDITION (a very serious crime) in Australia
    – as is the convert/revert committing the same !!

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