Belgian cop says he’d ‘kill each and every Jew’

But of course this ‘Mohammed’ is no Belgian. He is a Mohammedan headbanger who should have never been allowed to settle behind enemy lines and  promoted as a police officer.

Belgian cop says he’d ‘kill each and every Jew’

Shocking antisemitic statements from a Belgian cop Mohammedan (who wears a police uniform in Belgium)  who stated he would kill “each and every Jew” during a debate on Facebook this past Friday.

“The word Jew itself is dirty. If I were in Israel, frankly, I would do to the Jews what they do with the Palestinians — slaughter each and every one of them,” wrote the officer, who was only referred to as Mohamed N. in Belgian media.

Police officer from Molenbeek sparks national outrage over blatantly anti-Semitic rant on Facebook

The officer was going by the pseudonym Bebeto Gladiateur.

According to Belgian media the man was a “guardian of the peace” — an official force dedicated to maintaining security and serving as a deterrent to neighborhood crime, but one that does not wield police powers.

Belgian police officer Mohamed N.'s anti-Semitic threats on Facebook, under pseudonym Bebeto Gladiateur. He is pictured with Molenbeek's mayor Françoise Schepmans in the screenshot. (screenshot, Facebook via Le Soir)