Boston Imam: Cops Wanted to Kill Terror Suspect

Boston Imam: Cops Wanted to Kill Terror Suspect
References the ‘shortcomings of the people who continue to exist who killed this young man.’–PJMEDIA.COM
Thank God The Video Exists And Will Be Released — Imam Farooq Begrudgingly Backtracks

The story of Usaama Rahim’s funeral here.  By Hugh Fitzgerald

Rahima Rahim and others may wonder — or not — how they might have prevented Rahim from doing what he did, and dying as a consequence. There is no sure formula, except that of refusing to become Muslim, or ceasing to become Muslim if born into it, in the first place. If Muslim parents are worried about what their children may do, it’s up to them either to come up with some far-fetched interpretation of Islam, that might at any minute be jettisoned for the real thing, or, to ensure security, to leave Islam altogether. What, after all, has Islam ever done for Muslims that could not have done much better by another faith, say Christianity?

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