Al-Furqan “Prayer Group” – Busy Recruiting For Jihad in Melbourne, Australia

 by Christina McIntosh


As reported by james Dowling and Shannon Deery for the Herald-Sun this week.

“Counter-Terrorism Police Believe Notorious Prayer Group Al-Furqan Facilitating Extremism”

‘Facilitating extremism’ = Inciting and recruiting for Jihad, the de facto sixth pillar of Islam. – CM


‘Counter-terrorism police suspect (only ‘suspect’? – why has the place not been bugged from top to bottom? – CM) a notorious prayer group is a hotbed of extremism and its leadership is involved in radicalising Islamic youth.

‘Radicalising’. That is: teaching them that old-time religion and encouraging them to engage in jihad fi sabil allah. – CM

‘The Australian Federal Police suspects that “a number of Victorian foreign fighters” (that is: “a number of Aussie-passport-holding Muslims who formerly or for a time resided in Victoria” – CM) living with extremists (that is, “who have gone to join the Jihad to revive the Caliphate” – CM) in the Middle East were once attendees of the Al-Furqan prayer centre in Springvale South.

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Muslim ‘prayers’ are not the same kind of thing as Christian or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist prayers.  Muslim ‘prayer centres’ aka mosques are not the same kind of thing as a church, synagogue or temple.  Jihad – the “struggle” or kampf whose final goal is the imposition of a global sharia despotism within which Muslims will rule, absolutely – issues from the mosque.  Every mosque, not just this or that one. Because Total World Domination is what the canonical texts of Islam instruct all Muslims to pursue. – CM

“In documents released by the Supreme Court detailing an alleged plot by two of the centre’s members, the officers detail the centre’s leadership were “exponents of Islamic extremism” and a “facilitator of radicalisation”.

Jihad gang bosses, recruiting for combat Jihad.  But if anyone thinks that only this Al Furqan mosque is inciting and recruiting for Jihad in Australia, they have rocks in their heads. – CM

“The document reveals [that] the centre’s leader, firebrand preacher Harun Mehicevic (I’d like to know how he got into Australia in the first place.  Did he come here after the jihad against the Serbs in the Balkans in the 1990s, crying “poor persecuted me” and calling himself a “refugee”?  – CM) was “well known” to counter-terrorism police and was a target during the Operation Astley raids it conducted on Al-Furqan members in 2013.

Why can we not deport him and shut this “prayer centre” down, permanently? Why is Mehicevic still running around loose? – CM

Harun Mehicevic is well known to the Join Counter-Terrorism Team for espousing extremist Islamic views (sic: in fact, “plain old Islam, Islam, Islam” – CM) and was a person of interest during Operation Astley, conducted during 2013.”

‘The centre has been linked to three counter-terrorism operations in the past three years.

‘Authorities have confirmed that dead teen Numan Haider went to the centre before he attacked two police officers with a knife in September [2014].

‘Two other members – Harun Causevic and Sevdet Besim – were charged over an alleged plot to kill police officers on Anzac Day.

‘The documents reveal Mr Besim was watched leaving Al-Furqan just weeks before counterterrorism police arrested the teenager in April.

‘Mr Mehicevic announced the centre had closed its doors following the alleged Anzac Day plot raids – but the Herald-Sun revealed [that] its members are still meeting in secret at [a] suburban leisure centre.

‘Among Al-Furqan’s former members now fighting with Islamic State is Australia’s most senior recruiter, Neil Prakash.

That should be “convert to Islam, Neil Prakash”.  Note to the Prime Minister and Minister for Defence and Minister for Immigraiton – have you cancelled his passport? Stripped him of citizenship? Because if you haven’t, you should, and if current laws do not permit that, then the law must be rejigged to allow it.  – CM

‘Irfaan Hussein, whose friends believe may have been beheaded by the Islamic State death cult for trying to leave, also went to Al Furqan.

it isn’t just Islamic State that kills anyone who tries to leave.  Islam – Islam as such – requires that apostates must be killed.  And it isn’t just Islamic State – which as a number of people (notably, scholar Tina Magaard and author V S Naipaul) have pointed out, is Islamic to its bootstraps – that can accurately be described as a death cult; any sane person who carefully and critically examines Islamic texts and Islamic history is soon driven to conclude that at the core of Islam is…war, blood, murder and death. – CM

‘It is also thought that former male model Sharky Jama, who was reportedly killed in Syria in April, had attended lectures at the centre.”

It’s not the ones that go off to Syria and immolate themselves – or are disposed of by their pious coreligionists for being insufficiently zealous – that I worry about. It’s all the other “graduates” of Al-Furqan that are working themselves up to committing jihad here, in Australia. Like those who were plotting to attack Aussie infidels on Anzac Day.   And let us not kid ourselves: even if Al Furqan were shut down, permanently, and its jihad gang boss deported to Muslim-dominated Bosnia, another similar outfit would soon pop up from amidst the Mohammedan colony here in Australia.  Indeed, the reality is that every mosque in Australia is a potential or actual Al-Furqan; for every mosque teaches Islam and hatred of, contempt for and aggression toward the unbelievers, the unclean and deemed-inferior kuffar, who must by any and all means necessary be made to convert, or to submit as dhimmis, or be killed if they reject and resist those two previous options, is hardwired into Islam. It’s all summed up in one of the central verses of the Quran: Surah 9.29. – CM

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  1. ‘Cuz, like those who govern us, they are willfully blind to the reality of Islam. If they acknowledged the fatal facts, they’d be compelled to Crusade for the eradication of Islam, which they falsely equate to the Shoah. “Never Again!” refers to the salughter of innocents, not to eradicating an existential enemy.

    Administrators, Governors & legislators wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth: if you are conscientious, patriotic, of good will and honest, take off yer rose colored glasses, delve into Islam’s canon and get a God blessed clue for Chrissake!

    Begin by looking up the following citations, reading them and pondering their clear meaning.
    3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220

    Turn next to “Reliance Of The Traveller”, Book o, Chapter 9 to learn the definition of Jihad, the communal obligation to perform it, and what the caliph does about it when there is one. Begin here:

    Follow up with the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab, which details the perpetual nature of Jihad and states flatly that we may be attacked without provocation. Begin reading on page 140 of the second volume of “Hedaya”, and continue through page 218. Learn the real reasons for Jihad & Jizya. Learn that not believing in Allah is a capital offence. Get a God blessed clue for Chrissake!!

    While reading Reliance o9.1, you saw a paraphrase of Imam Al-Shafi’i’s infamous fatwa about the minimum requirement of offensive Jihad the fard al-Kifaya of which is a minimum of one attack on kuffar in every year. Go to “The Book Of Jihad” and read it on page 18 along with relevant rulings of other jourists.

    In case you are too indolent to research and study, here is the short course:

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