Geert Wilders on migrants at Ventimiglia: “Send them back”

It is important to note that the journallie no longer uses euphemisms like “refugees” or “asylum seekers”- they are now using the Islamic term “migrants”, which brings us back to ‘migration in the way of Allah’…

Geert Wilders on migrants at Ventimiglia: “Send them back!”

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5 thoughts on “Geert Wilders on migrants at Ventimiglia: “Send them back””

  1. Alexander,
    I f we do that we will have to fix up the mess they have made of their own countries!!! I think we need to look after our own first.

    PS I know your comment was intended as sarcasm but I thought I would just make a point,

  2. In germany they call them now “Flüchtlinge”(Refugees,Fugitives).This term was back in time word for germans who flee after theWW2.
    Also this Brainwash work with old people,they say:We must help them we where also refugees.

    They don´t know that in the last years only 1-2% was real refugees(but 80% of the rest still stay in germany because of health etc)and now 30%.

    An they donß ask why a Somali donßt go to Somaliland where is no war,why a nigerian(in Switzerland 99% of them are Drugdealers)don´t fo the the south where no Boko Haram is,why muslims don´t go to another Arab Land with the same culture and language or another muslim land.

    YOu can read everyday that refugees fight against each other in germany,that many steal,rob,rape,attack police,throw lunch away because its not good enough,they wan´t 2 times a day chiken with rice,free cigarettes(they get it in Italy,perhaps they think they must get it also in germany)…

  3. @Uncle Vladdi,

    The reality is, the vast majority of these people are people, that come from countries that told the West-their colonial overlords to get out of “there country and leave them alone.”

    Which the west did ….and now, fifty – seventy years later they don’t like the world they created and are now seeking out the West.

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