Obama: We Have Made Significant Progress

Obama Touts Legacy: No ‘One Could Argue that We Have Not Made Significant Progress’

Indeed. Fundamental transformation. The bastard son of a Gramscian whore and a Kenyan Marxist Muslim has taken the country to the brink.

President Obama touted his legacy in a fundraising swing last night in California. No one could argue, Obama maintained, that he has ‘not made significant progress’…  WEEKLYSTANDARD.COM
Obama Complains Public Has ‘Forgotten’ His Successes, Calling Him an ‘Idiot’

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Obama Blames American “System, Way Of Life, Philosophy” Which Produced SC Murderer |…
Admitting he’s “jumping the gun,” Obama said, “We don’t have all the facts but we do know that once again, innocent people were killed because got a gun.”
Every time Michelle Mooch Obama opens her mouth, an utterance of thufferin thuccotash from Sylvester the Cat springs to mind. Mark Levin plays a short introduction of…   Mark Levin |…

UK Daily Mail — Michelle Obama paid a visit to Mulberry School for Muslim Girls in Tower Hamlets. The main hall of Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets was hot and stuffy and smelt of hair and skin and too many people cooped up for too long. (More below the fold)


Michelle to British Muslim Girls: ‘Your Story Is My Story’

Praises “strong values” of community known for being “hotbed of Islamist activity and sympathy”

In a speech on female empowerment at London’s Mulberry School for Girls, Michelle Obama told a room full of hijab-clad Muslim girls, of mostly Bangledeshi decent, that when she looks at them, she sees herself.

“When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story,” said Obama.

In her remarks, the first lady praised the community, Tower Hamlets, which she lauded for having “tight knit” families with “strong values.”

Tower Hamlet, explains Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, is “known for being a hot bed of Islamist activity and sympathy.” It’s previous mayor, Kassam notes, had Islamist ties, and the burrough has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the country”

Almost half of Britain’s 1300 cases of Female Genital Mutilation last year were from London. No prizes for guess which areas these emanate from.

Kassam also provides some background on the “hard-left” ties of the “racially diverse” Mulberry School:

And while the school has been rated as “very good” for a number of years, it has also played host to hard-left conferences sponsored by groups such as ‘War on Want’, which is closely tied to anti-Israel activities in the United Kingdom, the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ which has its roots in communist sympathising, and indeed the European Parliament.

The Mulberry Youth Conference boasts amongst its speakers Shami Chakrabarti from left-wing campaign group Liberty, now-deceased Labour MP Tony Benn, ex Labour MP Clare Short, editor of the Guardian newspaper Alan Rusbridger, anti-white racist columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, hard-left activist Owen Jones, and feminist campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes. 

Video via Sky News. 

One thought on “Obama: We Have Made Significant Progress”


    Democratic politics is all theatre – none of these treasonous creeps is really in charge of our countries.

    Like their equally globalist-owned enemedia brethren, they are paid to ask all the wrong questions all the time, so their corporazi oil-bankster sales-master owners won’t have to answer the real ones.

    “Our Leaders” assert that they know what’s best for us better than we do, and we masochists take the false moral high ground by pretending to believe them. That’s why we defer our responsibilities (and rights) to think for our selves by paying them to do our thinking “for us.” By which act we also told them we don’t consider our selves to be worth thinking about at all anyway! So we gave them the order to screw us! We don’t vote to elect people to represent us, but to replace us.

    They know what they’re doing – this gives them rights to their salaries authority and perks without any responsibility at all to we the people.

    Having rights without responsibility is that “PROGRESS!” which all criminals dream of: a right to our stuff without having to earn or otherwise pay for it!

    Which is why they sell off our countries to the highest bidders (who often turn out to be our other enemies)!

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