Let the children play (with severed heads)

Tim Blair

Confirmation that Khaled Sharrouf avoided his constant companion Mohamed Elomar’s drone-directed dispatch to paradise:

Highly classified images captured by the US military in Al-Raqqah, Syria, have confirmed the death of Sydney terrorist Elomar.

But authorities say that none of the photographs suggest Sharrouf was killed in the missile strike …


It is understood there are three images that capture the moment Elomar was killed by a Predator drone during an attack on an Islamic State convoy.

I haven’t seen them, but I’m guessing these images would make excellent screensavers or t-shirts. On Sharrouf-related matters, Adelaide’s Amanda Blair – no relation, so far as I’m aware – pleads for the return of the terrorist’s family to Australia:

The land of their birth. The land where they hold citizenship. They’re currently in Syria where they relocated to in 2013.

They merely relocated to Syria. Just a lifestyle choice. Forget sea changes and tree changes; their move was a Sharia change.

It’s impossible that you’ve missed the story, it’s also impossible not to feel torn.

You mean like this guy?

[Tara Nettleton’s] five Australian children who were just 12, 11, 8, 7, and 2 when they were removed from this country are not to blame. They had no say in the actions their parents took.

At 14, Sharrouf’s eldest daughter reportedly married drone magnet Elomar. An Islamic State widow is not exactly your standard-issue troubled teen.

Please, let’s not give up on them. Let’s not cut our ties and abandon them to a life of more evil and depravity.

Why not? It’s not as though Australia had any strong ties with them to begin with.

Sure, the parents did a whole lot of wrong …

Readers may detect the slightest hint of understatement.

… but to not give people a fair go, a right to redemption, a right to make better choices – particularly children – is about as un-Australian as it gets.

I’d say this is rather more un-Australian.

We’ve been lucky here in the lucky country. No planes have flown into skyscrapers, no bombs have gone off and nobody’s been beheaded on their way to work.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Terrorism is frightening to us all. It’s something we don’t really understand and only see on the television news.

Or in Sydney cafés.

So like politicians, we break down a complex issue into simple terms because it’s easier to digest and for the politicians, much easier to sell. We make it black and white. Us and them. Yes or no. But it’s not a simple issue …

It couldn’t be simpler. Terrorists want to kill us. We want to stop terrorists killing us. It really is that basic. Just ask the terrorists.

I’ve always believed that it takes a village to raise a child.

In Syria, Islamic State children raze villages.

I’d rather the Nettleton children were home in my village than left in an evil one in Syria where their only option is to commit the same sins as their father.

It’s settled, then. The Sharrouf kids and their mother will live in Amanda’s Adelaide street – ideally, in her house. Pro tip: keep the knives in a safe.

6 thoughts on “Let the children play (with severed heads)”

  1. Is Australia the only place in the world they can find “redemption”? They can do that anywhere; Syria would be an ideal place, with lots of opportunity to perform good works to cleanse their consciences.

  2. Amada Blair is Adelaide’s village idiot who the morning TV show on Nine sometimes has on as a commentator, or should I say entertainer like the rest of them. Not long ago she was ripping into Reclaim Australia after they were attacked by the socialist rent a crowd (who are always proclaiming how they are about smashing racism). Blair blathered on in her strine accent (unusual for Adelaide people) about that nasty Q Society and how they were campaigning against halal certification. She was beside herself with indignation about how the Q had forced one company to withdraw from the scheme, this being proof for Blair about how manipulative Q was. How do these people ever get on the media in the first place just cannot be fathomed.

  3. As long as Amanda Blair can continue to fill her trolley without encountering a Hyper Cacher moment …

    I shop, therefore I am

    Nothing says more about you than the contents of your shopping trolley. Amanda Blair does a supermarket stocktake of her life.

  4. “It’s settled, then. The Sharrouf kids and their mother will live in Amanda’s Adelaide street – ideally, in her house. Pro tip: keep the knives in a safe.”

    I protest! Why should all of Adelaide be penalised for the stupid choices of this woman? Shift her to Snowtown, THEN move the Muslims in to her house or, if deemed preferable, into the house next door. Snowtown, approximately 140 kilometres (87 miles) north of Adelaide, is infamous for the “bodies in the barrels” murders, committed between August 1992 and May 1999, so a few returned Muslim jihadis will make less difference to the already-tarnished reputation of that town than to the “city of churches”.

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