‘Misguided Brothers’…

Nigeria’s New Muslim President Calls Boko Haram Members ‘Misguided Brothers’…

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to pray for the return of peace, love and prosperity throughout the country as Muslims start the 2015 Ramadan fast.

The Myth of Muslim Radicalization

by Daniel Greenfield/ thanks to Mullah, pbuh

… But if you’re about to be beheaded by a masked ISIS Jihadist, a specialist in cultural sensitivity isn’t going to help you much. …

The migrant invasion: Dramatic pictures show Calais crisis descend into anarchy

Its not a “migrant invasion”. Its a full blown jihad. Its a Mohammedan invasion!

THESE dramatic pictures prove how the migrant crisis in Calais has now descended into open anarchy.
Photos of $30,000 bribe ‘hearsay’
EXCLUSIVE: Scott Morrison has dismissed Indonesian claims about a bribe to people smugglers as details emerge of the turn back.
China ‘bans’ Muslims from fasting during Ramadan
China has, once again, banned Ramadan in parts of the far western Xinjiang district for Muslim party members, civil servants, students and teachers.–INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
 French court upholds decision to strip jihadist of citizenship
France’s top court on Friday dismissed a legal challenge to a ruling that stripped a French-Moroccan jihadist of French citizenship after he was convicted on…France –
America Submits To Islam: One Shariah Dictate After Another!
EVERYWHERE Americans turn, they can’t help but bump into one national humiliation after another. enough bent-knees to Shariah and attendant outrages.

One thought on “‘Misguided Brothers’…”

  1. Nigeria’s New Muslim President Calls Boko Haram Members ‘Misguided Brothers’…

    The only ‘Misguided Brothers’ …
    are the islam Appeasers and the possibly naive gullible fools who believe everything and anything these NON-human Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful arab-islams AND their NON-arab-islam SLAVES say or write about islam.

    The truth is always the direct oppposite of what these deceiving Criminal islams state – all islams lie with the premeditated purpose of utter deception of Humans !!!

    islam is a lie !
    islams are liars !
    Believe these islam deceivers at your (eventual) peril !

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