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Calais: Illegal immigrants Mohammedan invaders shut down all Channel traffic
Illegal immigrants break into Channel Tunnel – forcing all services to stop – as French ferry workers’ strike shuts Calais port
High court convicts ‘al-Qaeda’s PR man’ 
With the Eastern High Court’s decision on Monday, Sam Mansour risks becoming the first ever Dane to be stripped of citizenship for his crimes.– The Local
Court quashes Muslim mother’s bid to sue France for letting son join jihad
She did not sue the local mosque. She did not sue the people who told her son that killing Infidels would please Allah. She instead sued the French government,…JIHAD WATCH
ALERT: Muslim Police Chief of Dearborn, Michigan Announces He’ll Enforce Shariah Law on Christians
This is actually happening in America?
Hundreds of refugee ‘children’ in Denmark are adults
In nearly three fourths of cases investigated by immigration authorities, refugees who claimed to be minors were found to be adults upon further examination… – The Local
‘Up to 100’ Britons jailed in Calais for trying to smuggle migrants into the UK
Up to a hundred Britons have been jailed in France over the last year for trying to smuggle people into the UK, claim prosecutors.