Wacky Zacky rattles the ABC

How long will patriotic Australians have to put up with the ABC giving a platform to those who want to destroy us? Even worse, we pay for the privilege with our hard earned.

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High time to rein in Q&A ‘wingnuts’
MONDAY night’s Q&A program showed again that the ABC exists in a parallel universe where impartiality and sound judgment are all but redundant.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Zaky Mallah is just symptomatic of the ABC’s unlawful bias. Time for reform, writes Andrew Bolt

The Australian lists the five questions the ABC refused to answer over Q&A’s decision to use an Islamist extremist who has served jail for threatening to kill ASIO officers:


1 – Did Q&A approach Zaky Mallah to join the show’s audience, or did he approach Q&A?

2 – Were the Q&A team aware of the general nature of the question that Zaky Mallah was going to ask?

3 – Did the ABC pay for Zaky Mallah to appear on Q&A?

4 – Did the ABC pay for his transport or travel to the program?

5 – Can you please release the correspondence between Mallah and the ABC.

The answer to question 2 is clearly “yes”, and I hope the Liberals do more than just fume at what is actually symptomatic of the systematic bias of the ABC that starts at the very top, and is particularly flagrant at Q&A.  Remember how Q&A stacked an audience with Muslim radicals to confront the Attorney-General? Remember this astonishing panel? Remember  this panel, and the set-up questions from radicals in the audience, including the Muslim panelist who raved about the “legitimate grievances” of jihadists and urged us to be “very cynical about the Government’s use of these [anti-terrorism] raids to politicise the Muslim problem of terrorism”?

So let’s see what comes of this anger:

Mallah’s appearance on Q&A was deliberately manufactured by the ABC to ambush guests… “The Liberals have just justified to many Australian Muslims in the community tonight to leave and go to Syria and join ISIL (Islamic State) because of ministers like him,” Mallah said on the program in response to comments by Mr Ciobo.

Tony Abbott said the ABC had “betrayed Australians” and called Q&A a “lefty lynch mob” for ­providing a national platform for ­Mallah, who he described as a “convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser”.

In comments to the Coalition partyroom, Mr Abbott said he would consider a government-wide boycott of Q&A.

“We all know that Q&A is a lefty lynch mob and we will be looking at this and we will bring something back when we return,” he told angry MPs…

Contacting ABC boss Mark Scott, chairman Jim Spigelman and Q&A host Tony Jones, [Communications Minister Malcolm] Turnbull said it “beggars belief” that Mallah was included in a live audience…

“He had served a term of imprisonment for threatening to kill ASIO officers. He had been charged with threatening suicide attacks and preparing for terrorist attacks in that context, although had been acquitted. He had travelled to Syria in the pursuit of what he described as ‘jihad’. “His social media presence is vile, abusive and violent,” Mr Turnbull said. “Surely we have learned to take threats of this kind, to take people like this, extremely seriously….’

…the ABC board will engage in an external review of Q&A, including its audience makeup and its commitment to balance, impartiality and accuracy.

Government MP Alex Hawke wrote to the ABC demanding Q&A be taken off-air while the ­review was undertaken and asked for all communications between the public broadcaster and Mallah to be released.


Good on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for repeatedly calling out the ABC reporter this morning for running a “rearguard” action and “protection racket” for Q&A.


Has Labor said anything about this scandal?


Getting it said:



3 thoughts on “Wacky Zacky rattles the ABC”

  1. Hello there…..its me again………Don Laird….

    Its called a line in the sand……and where each of us draws that line and what each of us resolves to do once that line is crossed.

    For the Muslim and its poisonous dogma of Islam there is no line in the sand, there is only complete domination of the world, the annihilation of every Jew on the planet and the annihilation or complete and grinding enslavement of every non-Muslim on that same planet. That is a fact and is reflected not only in the pages of the Koran but in the hundreds of entries in the Hadith that command the filthy Muslim to rampage and alienate, subjugate or kill as many non-Muslims as possible.

    In our daily lives today we fail to understand that there are signs all around us of our coming annihilation and enslavement yet we do nothing, yet we say nothing, we look away, we step aside and we meekly do as we are told.

    Take for example the Hijab.

    Its purpose is twofold.

    One, is to remind women that that are the owned property of men and at all times inferior to men in all ways.

    Two, is to remind non-Muslims that they are in the presence of a Muslim and that they are inferior in every way to that Muslim and must defer in every way to that Muslim.

    In fact the Hijab is no different than the swastika worn by the Brown Shirts as Hitler made his run for power in the 20’s and 30’s.

    In fact the Hijab is a symbol of death, destruction and the aspirations of the Muslim for total global domination.

    So, ask yourself a question. If you were back in the 1920’s or the 1930’s and had a chance to kill a Brown Shirt or a member of the Gestapo or the SS, knowing what you know now, would you?

    Well, would you?

    If you were back in the 1920’s and 1930’s and had a chance to burn an office of the National Socialist Party to the ground, would you?

    Well, would you?

    If you were back in the 1920’s or the 1930’s and you had a chance to identify with particularity, every Nazi in your neighborhood, and then had a chance to organize your fellow patriots to deal effectively with those Nazi’s, would you?

    Well, would you?

    You know what the answer is. I know what your answer is.

    As for the line is the sand, it is almost too late.

    The clip below is from the movie “Unthinkable” and is about a Muslim terrorist (excuse the redundancy) and his swastika wearing wife.

    I have also included a link to the entire movie you can watch in streaming on Youtube.

    Food for thought.

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. The movie “Unthinkable” link below…..to the whole movie.

      A Muslim convert lays multiple nuclear weapons in New York.

      The character “H” played by Samuel Jackson and a varied cast, seeks to find those weapons……….

      So, ask yourself a question.

      Considering our current sate of affairs with the Muslim and its Islam.

      Considering that the Muslim, whether its infiltration, or lawfare, or terrorism, or violence, or deceit, or deception is at war with the West.

      This considered, ask yourself this: If you personally, had to kill 100,000 Muslims to save Western countries from the cancer of Islam…..would you?………..could you?

      These are things to think about as the Muslim grows stronger and grows bolder each and every day.

      Where is your line in the sand and while you think about where you draw your line in the sand think about this……we in the West live for life………..the Muslim lives for death, the death of all living things and the destruction of the world as we know it.

      So what will you do the next time you see a Hijab with its seething hateful stares at you and your family?

      So what will you do the next time you see a bearded Muslim with its hateful stares directed at your and your family, knowing what he would do to each and every one of you if it was given the slightest chance?

      So what will you do the next time you pass a mosque or “Islamic Friendship Center” knowing full well that these are para-military centers devoted to the full logistical, administrative and financial support of the annihilation of the West and the annihilation or enslavement of all Westerners?

      So…..what will you do?

      While you think about that answer….think about Obama giving Saudi Arabia and Iran the nuclear weapons. Then think about what it will be like to watch you entire family, your loved ones and every large population center in the country you call home, evaporate under a mushroom cloud.

      The writing is one the wall. The time is long overdue to put aside our humanity and deal effectively with the Muslim and its Islam.

      So……what will you do?

      Food for thought.

      Catalyst for action.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      Enjoy the movie…….

      1. Of course there are those of you who still believe your governments have the Muslim and its Islam under control…….perhaps you should wake up and look around you because when you look at the Muslim and its intentions and its activities and compare that with the treason of your government, the treason of your law enforcement agencies and the treason of your judiciary….well…….its like saying 2+2=5…..

        Here is one of my very very favorite short films, an award winning project by the Persian film maker Babak Anvari……..

        Understand my friends…….2+2 does not equal 5……….never did……….never will…………does not now…….

        Find your courage…….find the voices God gave each and every one of you.

        Food for thought

        Catalyst for action

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

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