Moslems Reclaim Australia on Behalf of Aborigines

Zaky, the victim

You knew this would happen:

‘I can’t leave the house even to get food’: Zaky Mallah
Zaky Mallah (left and right), the man at the centre of the Federal Government’s attack on the ABC, says he cannot leave his house to buy food and doesn’t know ‘what I’m going to do’.

Here we go, sick joke of the week:

MUSLIMS, saying they want to reclaim Australia for ABORIGINAL PEOPLE. Take a good look at whats been done to the Aboriginal flag here, and you tell me…. just who do these muslims want to lay claim on Australia for… Aboriginals? Or themselves. No prize for guessing the answer to that one, its right there in your face.

Muslims for Reclaiming Australia for Aboriginal People
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Another gem of self-righteous, hate-filled and ignorant mental defecation by a Nutzi Reclaimer. Since this is a classic talking-point of these white supremacist Fascists, let me address it here.

1) Shari’a: the religious law of Islam. As the religious law of Islam, what does the shar’ia regulate _for Muslims_? It regulates:
a. worship
b. ethics
c. charity
d. the correct consumption of food and what correct foods to consume for a believing Muslim
e. the correct relationship with animals and the environment
f. statecraft and the proper relationship of governments and rulers with their peoples
g. justice

Comment: minus worship, the last six items are also the same concerns of all governments and societies everywhere. Muslims have differing approaches on how these elements of the shar’ia are to be implemented. This has given rise to various schools of jurisprudence (fiqh) within Islam. There are traditionally 5 schools of jurisprudence among Sunni Muslims (i.e. Hanafi, Malaki, Hanbali and Shafi’i) and an extra sixth which technically is a minority approach that now only exists in some parts of North Africa (i.e. the Zahiri school). Shi’i Muslims have their own school of jurisprudence, i.e. the Jaf’ari school, from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as). These schools of jurisprudence disagree among each other; and within each of these individual schools of jurisprudence there are even further divisions and sub-divisions of approaches and tendencies. This in itself should prove that there is no such thing as a universal consensus about implementing the shar’ia among the world’s nearly 2 billion Muslims, whatever the Islamists and their Nutzi brothers and sisters say. Given this, the paranoid Islamophobic xenophobes are building proverbial castles in the sky with their fears about the shar’ia.

2) Muslims ARE NOT opposed to Democracy. As a matter of fact, the practice of the early Muslim community in Medina around the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been contextualized by many historians and social scientists as a form of democratic governance; and this at a time when (besides probably the Iroquois Confederacy and other indigenous nations elsewhere in the world at the time) no democratic order existed anywhere else on the planet. Be that as it may, arguably it is not Muslims who don’t believe in Democracy. It is actually Anglo-European conservative Tories of Brian’s type who do not really believe in democracy. When your government consists of the overarching influence of rich special interest groups, multinational corporations and unelected powerful lobbies who steer (and in many situations, micromanage) all elements of the policy making by a given government; where their interests and not the interests of electorates is the primary concern of so-called elected officials; you are not remotely living under any kind of democracy. Instead you live under a plutocracy and an oligarchic dictatorship which only gives you the illusion of choice at the ballot box every election cycle. As such those Islamphobes who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

3) The Islamic Republic of Iran is a model Muslim country where its parliament (the Iranian Majlis) counts members who are Jewish, Armenian and Assyrian Christians as well as Zoroastrians within its ranks. These are Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian members of the Islamic government of Iran. Can Australia boast the same? No, it cannot. Iranians and Shi’i Muslims generally have no problems with religious minorities, and they often treat these minorities as equals and possess a long history of tolerance. Presently in Syria and Iraq — as the various proxy and rent-a-terrorist Wahhabi-Salafist hoardes in the pay of the governments of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia — are busy murdering Shi’i Muslims, Kurds, Yezidis, ‘Alawites and Christians, it is in fact these same Shi’i Muslims who are defending, fighting for and saving the lives of Kurds, Yezidis, ‘Alawites and Christians. Not a single American, British, Kiwi or Australian soldier has saved the life of a single Christian, Kurd, Yezidi and ‘Alawite anywhere in Syria or Iraq since 2011. However, Shi’i Muslims have done this very thing, continue to do so, and proudly!

Finally, the problem here with these Nutzis is that the only context and template of Islam which they possess as a talking point is that of Salafism/Wahhabism: the death cult which emerged out of the desert wastelands of Najd in Arabia only a few short centuries ago; a death cult and heresy against Islam which was inspired at its foundations by the psychosis of its founder and the sociopathic ramblings of an earlier figure named Ibn Taymiyyah; and a heretical anti-Islamic death cult cultivated and outright supported in the 19th and 20th centuries first by the British empire and then later by the American one as a trojan horse against the whole community of Islam worldwide, Sunni and Shi’i alike.

Muslims for Reclaiming Australia for Aboriginal People's photo.

4 thoughts on “Moslems Reclaim Australia on Behalf of Aborigines”

  1. Why not reclaiming then all lands stolen by the reclaimers with many millions of martyrs?

  2. The Logical Proof …
    (and therfore … Who to remove … to quell islam) …
    ALL “Authorities
    • Politicians,
    • Politicals and
    • Local Government Councillors … AND …
    THE PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Twits and Twats (THEStupids” )
    “They” are Guilty of Treason and Sedition
    (Those mythical “They” have been finally revealed)


    Australia’s “Authorities

    “They” ALL KNOW …
    The Absolute Tenet of islam ….
    1. Convert EVERY non-islam to islam !
    2. Subjugate EVERY non-islam who refuses to convert to islam !
    3. Rape-Pillage-Murder (in ANY order and ANY gender) EVERY non-islam who refuses to be Subjugated !
    Now – this is an absolute KNOW facet of islam.
    (Yet “They” continue to islam “Appease.

    “They” also known islam uses immigration as the method of infiltrating EVERY country that is non-islamic as the means of eventual conquest !
    (Yet “They” continue to islam “Appease.


    Australia’s “Authorities

    Having just watched a Q&A with guest Bronwyn Bishop, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, Noel Pearson, Gillian Triggs, Bret Walker discussing The Magna Carta …
    The Political SQUIRMING was … sometimes annoying (but revealing)!

    To cut a long story (from 62 minutes) short …
    Gillian Triggs
    – One of the Statutory Officers from the Ju’Liar Period
    STILL (President of the Australian Human Rights Commission)
    on the Q&A Broadcast … said the Magna Carta stated
    “… that no man may be made an outcast or an alien except under the laws of the land.”
    … ummmm …. Gillian which article were you referring to … Dear !!!
    I guess it was a “summary” of the Magna Carta articles.

    But a Very Professional response WITH a Reference …
    was given by …
    The Honourable
    Bronwyn Bishop
    Where The Honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP Stated that in Article 51 of The Magna Carta ….
    Article 51.
    As soon as peace is restored, we will banish from the kingdom all foreign born knights, crossbowmen, serjeants, and mercenary soldiers who have come with horses and arms to the kingdom’s hurt.

    The Honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP also added the following …
    You can quote the Magna Carta to go eash way on it.
    The fact of the matter is that the duty of the government is to protect the Australian people and the Australian people’s interest is served if people who have fought against us in another land ought not to come back to Australia.

    So why are the islams STILL in Australia !!!

    There you have it – straight from the Horse’s Mouth
    (so to speak – with no disrespect meant or intended towards The Honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP – perhaps a little – but perhaps more than just a little bit to the former).

    All Australian Politicians (and “The Others”) who KNOW “FACT ONE” & “FACT TWO” are guilty of Treason and Sedition against Australia AND are guilty of islam Assisting and islam Abetting of islams ongoing invasion of Australia.

    incarcerate !
    incarcerate !
    incarcerate !
    (where’s a good alien when needed – Who !)
    Uh Oh ! – on The ABC !

    …. and … all this just for the love of Money ?!
    …. and … all this just for hubris ?!
    What a Planet !

    1. Agreed -then lets start removing these parasites from the USA; Europe and Asia. This world will not support the delusional idiocracy of islam.

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