Obama Offers Islamic World “Warmest Greetings” As Ramadan Begins…

EU Anger As Hungary Secures Border To Block Asylum Seeker Invasion
The EU may be a federation without borders but Hungary begs to differ. Fed up with an invasion of asylum seekers entering the country from neighbouring Serbia,… – Breitbart
Obama Offers Islamic World “Warmest Greetings” As Ramadan Begins…
Nauseating. Via The Hill: President Obama marked the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday, offering his “warmest greetings” to those…|BY FREEDOMDAILY
The Obamas: We’ve Been Racially Mistreated
President Barack and wife Michelle Obama told People magazine in an interview to be released Friday that they personally identify with everyday experiences of racial bias in America.
Israel Rips ‘Absurd’ UN Report Ignoring Islamic Massacres

While thousands of children are murdered in wars in the Arab world – a UN report on children in war focuses on… guess who.

Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said, “our rockets are aimed at the Hebrews, the murderers, the Israelis, the criminals. . . our missiles accurately target the home of the Israelis and the Zionists.”

Children sit in a bomb shelter in the southern Israeli town of Nitzan
Children sit in a bomb shelter in the southern Israeli town of Nitzan Flash 90

Israel’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, David Roet, lambasted a UN report on children in warfare Thursday, noting that in the context of numerous Islamic wars where thousands of children were murdered this year alone, “it is simply absurd that this report disproportionately focuses on Israel.”


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