Pope sez Quran & Holy Bible are the Same…

Jesus and Muhammad, what difference does it make? The Argentine social justice clown doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Without proper leadership and endless scandals the church appears to be in an unstoppable downward spiral.

National Report

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On Monday the Bishop Of Rome addressed Catholic followers regarding the dire importance of exhibiting religious tolerance. During his hour-long speech, a smiling Pope Francis was quoted telling the Vatican’s guests that the Koran, and the spiritual teachings contained therein, are just as valid as the Holy Bible.

“Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world. For centuries, blood has been needlessly shed because of the desire to segregate our faiths. This, however, should be the very concept which unites us as people, as nations, and as a world bound by faith. Together, we can bring about an unprecedented age of peace, all we need to achieve such a state is respect each others beliefs, for we are all children of God regardless of the name we choose to address him by. We can accomplish miraculous things in the world by merging our faiths, and the time for such a movement is now. No longer shall we slaughter our neighbors over differences in reference to their God.”




Islamic State video calls for jihad in Balkans on eve of pope’s visit
No problem. The Pope will just explain to the jihadis how true Islam and the proper understanding of the Qur’an reject every form of violence. Abashed, they will lay down their arms. “Video calls for jihad in Balkans on eve of pope’s visit,” AFP, June 6, 2015

The pontiff drew harsh criticisms in December after photos of the 78-year-old Catholic leader was released depicting Pope Francis kissing a Koran. The Muslim Holy Book was given to Francis during a meeting with Muslim leaders after a lengthy Muslim prayer held at the Vatican.

St. John Paul II has courted several controversies since being elected as Pope Benedicto XVI’s replacement in 2013. Francis has gone on record to say that homosexuals are not to be judged, Proselytism is nonsense and has endorsed the usage of contraceptive by Catholics.

The Vatican will meet again with Muslim leaders in late February where they plan to talk about further steps that can be taken to spread understanding and awareness of the Islamic religion.

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    Drop your GoDaddy account………………………now.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. # unprecedented age of peace – and other delusions

    When they are saying ‘peace and security’, sudden destruction will come upon them, and they shall not escape.

    Through peace he will destroy many.

  3. If I was a Catholic before reading that shit, I would not be afterwards.

    Has he sold his soul to Satan or is he insane? Can he be that damned stupid? He equated Jesus, Moe, God and Allah.

    Does God demand “great slaughter” as the price of admission to Heaven? Has the Pope read Surah Al-Anfal 8.67?

    Does God hate sinners? Does he curse Jews & Christians? Has Francis ever read Surah Al-Baqarah? Does God mislead and misguide; does he deceive? Allah does.

    Is Jesus Christ the son of God or Allah’s slave? Is he both? Does Francis know the difference?? Was he crucified, dead and resurrected?? Has Francis read 4.157?

    Is Jesus Christ a genocidal warlord who will kill the remaining Jews & Christians and rule the world by the Koran? Has Francis read 7.167 and Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir?

    Tolerate Islam?! In Hell will I tolerate the doctrine of a Satan worshiping war cult that says I must be killed for not joining it!!

    In Hell will I worship a blood thirsty demon who rewards acts of terrorism. Has Francis read Surah At-Taubah 9.120?

    His statement would piss off the Pope, if we had one 🙁

    1. The Pope is saying that the Christian faith, the Holy Bible and the Lord & God, Jesus Christ, are, in essence, same as : Mohammed, Koran and Islam ?
      Has he, the Pope, lost his mind or what?
      I am an Assyrian who watch as my nation being massacred in iraq (yes, with “i” with lower case letter, because the real name of that land is Assyria) and Syria. We are being destroyed by ISIS Muslim Rats for being Christians and we and them are one? We suppose to tolerate? Vatican, enough of politic! You will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement!

      1. Uncle Vladdi found a disclaimer which I was unable to locate. NR turns out to be a satire site. The quote is a hoax. Francis did not say that.

        Unfortunately, indigenous Christians are being subjected to genocide and nobody with the power to act gives a damn.

        None of them will admit that Islam is the enemy and must be eradicated to establish a hope of peace.

        The Pope held a peace prayer session and let an Imam pray for victory over us. No clue or no conscience, probably both.

    2. Go to you tube and view : satan in the vatican. Most catholics I know have left the church, ditto for liberal protestants and dropped out permanently. People go to Catholic churches for same reason Muslims go to a mosque- they are reprobates. And both are cults. (I won’t go into other useless cults on this post like J.W. mormons,etc, but all these cults and their leaders will burn in hell)

      1. Jesus called out the holier than thou hypocrites of hi stime. A real Jesus Priest would call out the Muslims and point out the fallacies in their cult doctrine. Benedict came close once, then he backed off.

    3. This is the post to which I attempted to make comment….somehow, my comment was posted on your other post…but I guess that’s ok! Anywho, this is what I wanted to comment regarding THIS post you posted…”Wow, Dajjal…you know your stuff! Excellent post!”

  4. How about we throw in Mars , Zeus and Odin for good measure – we don’t want to offend anybody by leaving them out.

    Is this guy crazy? Has he actually read the koran??? He’s just firther emboldened hordes of islamic nutjobs who will use his remarks to justify any of their behaviours.

  5. the 3 requirements in doing business with Muslims–1)Say all religions are equal- 2)Islam has contributed greatly to civilization 3) oh & death to Israel .lol

  6. Here’s two parts of the Bible and Qur’an which are similar, but NOT:

    In the Old testament, God admitted He had deliberately created Evil:

    Isaiah 45:7

    “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

    AND, same with islam:

    Qur’an Sura 4:77: Those who whined “Hold back your hands (from attacking)” were corrected:
    “War is compulsory for us – the good and bad both come from allah!”

    The difference even here, of course, is that God doesn’t specifically tell his Judeo-Christian people to wage eternal violent war on all of his other people, while islam does exactly that.

  7. The Bear, Jan. 30, offers denial without substantiation, claiming the quotes are bogus.

    Another blog declares the quote to be bogus.

    I did not find any evidence of the quotes in Catholic News Service going back to Dec. 3.I did however, find other evidence of lack of comprehension.

    “For the sake of peace, religious beliefs must never be allowed to be abused in the cause of violence and war,” the Pope told Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Christian leaders during his Jan. 12-15 trip to Sri Lanka.

    “We must be clear and unequivocal in challenging our communities to live fully the tenets of peace and coexistence found in each religion, and to denounce acts of violence when they are committed.”

    Islamic Imperialism & terrorism are not abuses of religion; they are the intended function of Islam. “Jihad is ordained for you”, “fight them until”, “fight those who… until” and “fight those of the disbelievers nearest you” are clues for the clueless who can not get a clue. The ostensible purpose of Jihad is the establisment of Islam and its imposition upon the entire world. The real purpose of Jihad is Moe’s personal emolument. If you doubt this, then open the second volume of Hedaya to pages 144-145 and read them carefully.

    The tenets of peace and coexistence are not found in Islam. In Islam, peace is ‘just us’. Peace is the outcome of Jihad: total world conquest and domination.

    On another occasion, speaking to diplomats, the Pope said that terrorism:
    “is a consequence of the throwaway culture being applied to God.”

    “Religious fundamentalism, even before it eliminates human beings by perpetrating horrendous killings, eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext,”

    “I express my hope that religious, political and intellectual leaders, especially those of the Muslim community, will condemn all fundamentalist and extremist interpretations of religion which attempt to justify such acts of violence.”

    Allah discards everyone who does not embrace Islam and practice it exactly as Moe directed. Terroism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam, sanctified in 3.151 & commanded in 8.12, 57 & 60; exemplified in 33.26-27, 59.2 & 59.13.

    Islam is the ideological pretext: Moe’s “Profitable Prophet Plan”, so labled by Craig Winn in “The Prophet Of Doom”. “The Book Of Jihad” is not an extremist interpretation of Islam; it is Islamic law derived from the Qur’an & sunnah.

    Muslims can not condemn what Allah commands and Moe exemplified without sujecting themselves to the death penalty prescribed for apostasy. Read “Reliance Of The Traveller” o8.0–8.7 and o9.0–9.14 to get a clue. I am not convinced that the Pope is intellectually and morally capable of obtaining a clue.

  8. AFAIK, the “evil” that the Biblical God created refers to what are now called “natural disasters”, rather than to moral evils, such as telling lies. In contrast, “Allah” of the Qur’an tells lies, deceives etc. “Allah” of the Qur’an is morally evil.

    I am dismayed that the Catholics of the world are led by such a creep. He is an idolator, as he kissed a Qur’an. He is a heretic, as he equated God and Ba’al (the deity generally known as “Allah” of the Qur’an). Fortunately, my branch of the Christian church broke free of (mis)rule by that Catholic hierarchy centuries ago

  9. If it don’t matar whot name we call god, then we shod, say, thank you santon, lol, the pope, and the Quran go hand in hand

  10. Islam, kill Christons, and we need to, understand the Islamic belief, ?????? God, help, me lord, I’m, confused \\\\\\\\but not that confused

  11. From what he second to last paragraph, “St. John Paul II has courted several controversies since being elected as Pope Benedicto XVI’s replacement in 2013.” Actually, Saint John Paul II wasn’t elected to replace Pope Benedict XVI. Why, you say? Because he is dead. He passed away nearly ten years ago. The title Saint should have been the giveaway. Perhaps, you should do some reading before you write an article riddled with errors.

  12. From the second to last paragraph, “St. John Paul II has courted several controversies since being elected as Pope Benedicto XVI’s replacement in 2013.” Actually, Saint John Paul II wasn’t elected to replace Pope Benedict XVI. Why, you say? Because he is dead. The title Saint should have been the giveaway. Perhaps, you should do some reading before you write an article riddled with errors.

  13. Ha! Your news source is National Report, a known satire website. Just looking at the news articles listed there with no sources/reference attached you would know everything there is fake:

    -Sarah Jessica Parker Lands Lead Role in American Pharoah Movie
    -California Grooming Salon Offers Anal Bleaching For Dogs
    -CIA to Outsource Drone Operations to India
    -Kim Kardashian Names Baby Embryo Bruce Caitlyn OR Caitlyn Bruce
    -Mormon Church Announces Final Revelation: There Is No God
    – Starbucks Exacerbates California Water Crisis

    and of course
    -Pope Francis To Followers: “Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same”

    Just looking at how ridiculous those articles are, it didn’t cross your mind? Congratulations you and 28 other commenters here just wasted their time arguing on a fake article.

  14. He is full of Satan ! They are NOT the same at all !
    God had the Bible written by those he chose to write it!
    The other “Thing” is of Satan and man.

  15. This proves without a doubt that he is the false profit and he will rule with the Beast (Anti Christ) for 42 months starting real soon!

  16. Pretty obvious he is not a scholar. Does he not realize Islam is a Satanist Cult? Does he not realize the old testament was wasyyyyy before any of the crapola written down by the inbred sodomite named Muhammad. And that the quran was written (if you can call it that) 600 years after the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus ?? Someone should remove the antichrist archangels we have in world leadership nowadays. This fraud, the fraud in our Whitehouse, and many in congress and the house–all throughout many governments across the globe–we are living in the end times, as it simply cannot go on as is-

  17. Oh well damn–this is a bullshit site to incite and make the hate for muslims we ALL should have, grow–I got no problem with it, but some rag head is liable to get his pantys in a wad- and go all jehad and hurt himself.

  18. “East is East and West is West, and ne’er the twain shall meet… “, so wrote author/poet Rudyard Kipling, long ago…. so what?
    He was English, and white, and Christian, born in India (1860’s) and educated there in the early years, before going ‘home’ to London; — most of the British Crown Colony of India was dominated by the Hindu faith and culture, and to some lesser extent, by the Muslim faith and culture; together they are a significant part of Eastern Civilization. I do not recall reading or ever learning that Hindu people had a mantra about killing off the rest of the world, or creating their own “caliphate” at the expense of Western Civilization; but, it seems that Kipling foresaw the threat to our Judeo-Christian heritage — the foundation of Western Civilization, coming from that other ‘culture’ of Eastern Civilization. It is time to demand our 537 elected public servants – the ‘District of Criminals’, return to profiling, quotas, and strict limits, as it once was, on who, why and how we let newcomers enter our culture, our civilization, our ‘Land of Opportunity’.

  19. islam is what it is – it is a tool of warfare constructed by mo using a created religion as tool to justify conquest. Any attempt to justify islam as a religion only is doomed to fail, it is effectively a tool of war and muslims have been at open war with the rest of us for nearly 1500 year now – it is a great pity the the liberals amongst us think that islam can be made to dance to another tune – it cannot – and the safest thing to do with it is destroy it. This actually should be the responsibility of intelligent muslims – not the low IQ retards shouting from mosques – but there is little sign of movement in that direction from practising muslims.

    1. I do not deprecate the significance of rationalizing conquest, but I place more emphasis on motivating/compelling participation in it. While rationalizing & sanctifying Jihad play important roles in motivating Arabs to do Moe’s wet work, the obscene orgy promise and horrific damnation threat keep believers actively shedding blood.

      We must break their Iman: cause them to cease believing in Allah, his threat & promise. Otherwise, we are doomed.

        1. I am no proponent of Imperialism. I prefer peace to war, productive enterprise to war crimes.

          Islamic Imperialism: Jihad came first. European conquest and occupation of Africa, Arabia & Asia followed as a consequence of Islamic Imperialism.

          The colonists made one fatal error: they did not attempt to extirpate Islam from the lands they occupied. The world would be a safer, more secure place if they had eradicated Islam from it.

        2. so its too late now? Al Quada is active in Mali (some French are fighting there). But we are losing Africa

        3. Islam conquered areas where the locals breed like rats. With the advent of modern medicine and agriculture, their death rates declined, resulting in a 1.3bn infestation.

          Iran & Pakistan are problems today ‘cuz the colonial powers did not eradicate Islam when they had the chance.

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