“Radicalised while living in Sydney”

The idiot media again.  Beyond stupid. They want you to believe he was “radicalised while living in Sidney”. Do you know anyone who has been ‘radicalised while living in Sydney?’ I don’t. I know lots of people who live in Sydney. None of them has ever been radicalised.  This guy came from Soddy Barbaria and lived there for a year. Is it not far more likely that he already arrived in Sydney with the mental baggage of a rabid Koranimal that is conditioned to wage jihad  in the name of Allah?

Andrew Bolt:

Be grateful he left before deciding to become a suicide bomber:

A Saudi Arabian student believed to have been radicalised while ­living in Sydney has become the third suicide bomber to leave Australia to die in Iraq for Islamic State.


Meshaal Suhaimi, who lived in Sydney for a year before vanishing last September, has reportedly been identified as an Islamic State suicide bomber who targeted a Shia militia stronghold in Ramadi.

And had he not left us …?

3 thoughts on ““Radicalised while living in Sydney””

  1. Yes, yes! A dead mooseslum – they’re the best!

    A note to all other mooseslums living in my great, democratic nation – clear off – go and die!

  2. Camel Excrement:

    Those who support and engage in Jihad are Believers ; no Believers: no problem. No Muslims: no problem. No Islam: no problem. Its Islam, Stupid!

  3. With this, the Lindt Cafe ‘vandal’ attack, the Melbourne Anzac terror trials -it must be time for another ‘tsunami of anti-muslim sentiment’ story to deflect attention back to the racist bigoted haters.

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