Spencer vs. Mohammad Ali Elahi of the ‘Islamic House of Wisdom’ in Dearbornistan

Robert Spencer vs. Shiite imam Mohammad Ali Elahi on Hannity on Sharia and U.S. mosques

Typical example of Muslim answers to questioning. No answers, just hot air and accusations against any detractors. Monopolize the discussion to prevent dissemination of facts, as facts destroy their premises.

Last night Robert Spencer appeared on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show discussing the prevalence of a preference for Sharia over U.S. law among Muslims in the United States, and what mosques are doing (and not doing) about it. Appearing along with me was the Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. We were discussing the video by Ami Horowitz in which Muslims freely avow their preference for Sharia; Hannity’s overview of that video and interview with Horowitz begin this clip and give the context for my discussion with the imam, which begins at 3:56.