Ramadan Myths and ‘Radicalised’ Wives

The Myth of Muslim Radicalization
by Daniel Greenfield

The Myth of Muslim Radicalization
After some of its quarter of a million Muslims headed to join ISIS, Quebec decided the answer was a $2 million anti-radicalization center headed by a specialist in cultural sensitivity. But if you’re about to be beheaded by a masked ISIS Jihadist, a specialist in cultural sensitivity isn’t going to help you much.–FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
UK: Husbands of Muslimas who fled to ISIS say UK police “radicalized” their wives
Do you think the police could radicalise your wife? No? Why not?
Police ‘completely reject’ claims they were ‘complicit’ in radicalisation of three Bradford sisters
POLICE have “completely rejected” claims they were “complicit in the grooming and radicalising” of three Bradford sisters …
Here’s another howler:
Think about it for a second. Since when is it our business, or the business of a cartoonist, to make Muslims ‘feel safe?’  Did TIME magazine ever publish an article about Americans who feel unsafe due to the ever increasing numbers of jihadists among them?
Mustards Idea of a Good Time
India: Shia Muslims celebrate Ashura in Mumbai

If it has a sword and blood it’s called a happy celebration to Muslims. Watch him cut himself open. Ashura generally takes place in November. Dates change each year according to the Islamic calenda…  THEMUSLIMISSUE.WORDPRESS.COM

Meanwhile, in Soddy Barbaria:

Mooch sees herself

Michelle Obama UK visit: ‘When I look at young British Muslim women, I see myself”

In saying this, Michelle Obama is implying that both she and the Muslim girls she is addressing face oppression, discrimination, and disadvantage. She is, in other words, advancing the false Muslims-as-victims narrative that Islamic advocacy groups such as Hamas-CAIR work so hard to cultivate in the U.S. —See More

Pakistan suspends executions during Ramadan 
Islamabad, Pakistan – Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister, has ordered that executions be temporarily suspended during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan….| The Watchdog

One thought on “Ramadan Myths and ‘Radicalised’ Wives”

  1. Here’s the “psychology” of “radicalization:”

    ‘Sharia’ is nothing more or less the compiled detailed lists of procedural regulations listing the who, what, when, where, and how of islam’s “why!” (Because God Said So, That’s Why!). Sharia is islam, and islam is sharia. To ban it one must ban islam. Of course, that *should* be easy, since everything muslims pretend to believe is holy is already a crime!

    The bottom line of sharia is that Islam’s Qur’an only lists and sums up all the bad criminal acts everyone might become tempted into committing in the course of their lives anyway, and gives them the endorsement of “God” himself! So everyone already prone, in at least some situational circumstances in their lives, to indulge their criminal desires and turn them into criminal actions, will eventually embrace islam (in prison, if not before)!

    Beyond this, “muslims” are also trained from birth to lie to all others, and to personally kill small animals in their Eid rituals, while being taught they are the best of people, and all infidel others are only worthy of being murdered and sent to hell – by them, personally, not by “god.”

    And in Judeo-Christianity, when one is depressed and considers suicide, (much less considering suicide after or by committing mass murder) one is told one is destined for HELL.

    While in islam, on the contrary, when one is depressed and considering suicide, one is told that all one has to do to guarantee one’s instant ascent to HEAVEN itself, (while also guaranteeing a choice spot there for 72 of one’s chosen family members and closest friends) is to at least TRY to murder as many (even random) infidels as one can, “for allah!”

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