What else must we do to accommodate hateful Muselmaniacs?

A military official is taking issue with the president’s claim that he is waiting for a plan from the Pentagon to come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS.
“What the F*** Was That?” | Video
Obama throws Pentagon under the bus. Pentagon throws bus back at Obama.
Isis is destroying al-Qaeda, loyalists claim
Al-Qaeda has “collapsed” under the weight of Isis’ growing power sapping its fighters, money and territory, according to its own members.–INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
Egypt summons U.S. ambassador over DC Muslim Brotherhood meetings
Al Azhar distributing free book dedicated to discrediting Christianity, the “failed religion”–|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Tarnished Turd
Paki publication worries Islam’s image tarnished by CAIR rep’s pedophilia arrest
Pamela Geller
Suicide bombers ‘blow themselves up’ after row turns into fight
TWO suicide bombers accidentally blew themselves up after a heated row between the terrorists turned into a fight.

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