Suicide Bomber Setbacks

Suicide Bombing, Shootout at Temple of Karnak 

Fox News: Egyptian security and health officials say police killed two suspected Islamic militants Wednesday shortly after a suicide bomber blew himself up steps away from a temple frequented by millions of tourists every year.

The attack on the temple, which sits on the east bank of the Nile, comes as tourism was beginning to show signs of recovery after a four-year slump following the uprising that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Palli meets Alli

Good shooting: Jenin terrorist “Al-Deen Ezz” attacks IDF, instantly exported to “Allah”

IDF Kills Palestinian Authority Terrorist Who Wanted to ‘Meet Allah’


Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian Authority terrorist who was attacking them with an explosive device early Wednesday morning.
Border Police had finished arresting suspected terrorists when they spotted Ezzedine Ghora, 23, preparing to hurl the improvised bomb at them. It was not clear if the terrorist died from IDF fire or from the explosive device, which blew up.  His last Facebook message was:  See More

Suicide bomber targets ancient temple in Egypt’s Luxor

bcf349f817a64d31b82574c8b1d46e54_18No word on casualties after the attack at Karnak temple, one of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions.–ALJAZEERA.COM

 Mohammedan Pedo of the Week

(thanks to the Religion of Peace)

CAIR’s Ahmad Saleem
While the media was obsessing over what Josh Duggar
confessed to touching when he was 14, this official at the
Council on American-Islamic Relations (and overnight camp
counselor for youth) was trying to have sex with a 12-year-old.


TWO suicide bombers accidentally blew themselves up after a heated row between the terrorists turned into a fight.
Rescue workers in Sargodha
Rescue workers help take the bodies of alleged suicide bombers in Sargodha, Pakistan (EPA)
The incident, which took place in Sargodha, Pakistan, happened when two men, later identified as Ghulam Rasul and Muhammad Sultan, were sitting on street benches.  (Express)The pair were having a conversation which quickly turned into an argument and then a fight.It was during the fight that a bomb one of the men was carrying exploded.

No one else was hurt during the incident on Saturday.

Police later raided the houses of the men, and arrested several suspects.

Rescue workers in SargodhaEPA

Rescue workers take the bodies of one of the ‘suicide bombers’ away

The Almighty has saved the city from a big loss

Saqib Manan

Sargodha police’s Saqib Manan said that, while it was too early to make any further comments about the incident, which took place near the Khayam Chowk roundabout in the city, ‘the Almighty has saved the city from a big loss’.This is not the first time recently that terrorists have ended up getting killed as the result of a mistake they have made.Last week, an Islamic State (ISIS) HQ building was hit by an American air strike after jihadists revealed its location on social media.

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