Freedom is so overrated…

Update from Andrew Bolt:

Triggs entire commission, given $25 million a year to be our moral policeman, is now widely regarded as just a bunch of Leftist activists of no more account than a Julian Burnside, the “human rights” activist who at least hates the Government for free.

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If Tim Wilson is “the so-called Freedom Commissioner”  then is  Gillian Triggs not the “so-called president of the Human Rights Commission?”

The ABC’s Fran Kelly referred to interviewee Tim Wilson this morning as “the so-called Freedom Commissioner” and noted he’d been appointed by the Abbott Government.

For balance, will she in future refer to Wilson’s colleague Gillian Triggs as the “so-called president of the Human Rights Commission” and note she was appointed by the Gillard Government?

Why Gillian Triggs should win Australian of the Year

There is no other Australian within cooee of her contribution to this country.– DAILYLIFE.COM.AU

 The twat who wrote this seems to believe that the UN is the world government and the ultimate authority which Triggs represents. This fool is deluded, just like Triggs.


What an extraordinary intervention from the United Nations, to tell an elected government not to criticise a human rights bureaucrat for making wild and partisan claims:

The United Nations formally urged the Abbott government to stop attacking Gillian Triggs before Immigration Minister Peter Dutton branded her a “disgrace” and urged her to consider stepping down as president of the Human Rights Commission. Meddling UN cross that the government returns Triggs’ hostile fire,  Andrew Bolt


Just imagine:


Flannery’s solution, proposed immediately following his no-ice prediction:

Sometimes we actually cut off a leg to save the patient, and in this case, we may need to inject sulphur into the stratosphere to cool our planet. It’s going to change the colour of our sky, it’s going to change the amount of sunlight we get; but we may need to do it to buy ourselves a bit of time. Unfortunately we have foot-dragged for so long that we are now in a position where those very unpalatable remedies may have to be resorted to, even if they are dangerous.

People actually took this seriously, back in the day. (Tim Blair)