The invasion of Europe: some barricades go up


Andrew Bolt

Mass movement of illegal immigrants from the Third World is forcing Europe to put up fences and reinstate borders.

In Hungary:

Hungary has vowed to erect a 13ft-high fence along its border with Serbia to block immigrants from crossing into the EU.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced the 100-mile barricade, saying that Hungary ‘could not wait any longer’ for a solution to the migration crisis….

So far this year, the number of asylum seekers in Hungary has surged to 54,000, up from under 43,000 in 2014 and 2,150 in 2012…. In an increasingly well-worn path migrants arrive in Greece or Bulgaria from Turkey, trek through Macedonia and Serbia, which is not an EU member, into Hungary.

Once in Hungary, which is an EU member state, migrants can easily move into other Schengen group countries and onwards into northern Europe.

In France:

Police on Italy’s border with France have forcibly removed about a hundred migrants who were stranded in the Italian city of Ventimiglia and denied entry into France, escalating tensions between the two countries over the free movement of migrants to northern Europe…

Some of the migrants – who are mostly from Sudan and Eritrea – were resisting police and trying to hang on to signposts in their desperate attempt to make their way across the border, according to media reports…

France closed the border to the migrants amid accusations that Italy was not properly processing the refugees. The French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said 6,000 migrants had been returned to Italy so far.

France again:

The French government said on Wednesday it would create 11,000 places to house refugees and asylum seekers as the number of people living in illegal migrant camps swells.

Such camps have grown rapidly in France as Europe has struggled to cope with an influx of migrants this year streaming in through Greece and Italy.

In Greece:

Tension broke between migrants at the port of Mytilene, Greece, on Wednesday morning, June 17, due to the suffocating situation on the island.

The incident occurred when two migrant groups started a brawl that caused several injuries, with about 10 people taken to the local hospital… Eventually, the situation got completely out of control, with migrants surrounding the Greek Coast Guard offices and trapping officers inside…

After the episodes, around 1,000 immigrants protested holding placards and shouting slogans…

Mytilene is one of the many Greek islands receiving thousands of illegal migrants from the Turkish coast…. As a result, a large number of migrants are forced to live on the streets or even camp out at the port.

Just a few days ago, two ferries transferred some 2,000 migrants from Mitilene to Piraeus. Upon their arrival, the migrants were left to fend for themselves and eventually ended up in downtown Athens, where they remained awaiting State help. 

In Britain:

Police have referred 26 suspects to the immigration services after they were found in the back of a French lorry on a British road.

The men, aged between 13 and 49, included 12 from Afghanistan, two from Kuwait, eight from Syria, three from Iran and one from Pakistan.