The Zacky Affair

The ABC has put all its major Australian offices into security lockdown after threatening phone calls were made to the broadcaster following Monday night’s controversial Q&A episode.

ABC offices have been placed in security lockdown after threats following Q&A Zaky Mallah episode
The ABC has increased security at all its major Australian offices after threatening phone calls were made to the broadcaster following a controversial appearance…SMH.COM.AU
Seditious as always

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stopped short of backing Tony Abbott‘s “heads should roll” remarks in the wake of Monday night’s controversial Q&A program.

Turnbull refuses to back Abbott’s attack on ABC
Malcolm Turnbull draws on classic John Howard line to back away from supporting PM’s hardline stance.–SMH.COM.AU
How does the ABC justify showing this inflammatory tweet? UPDATE: clueless Scott must go

Andrew Bolt

Q&A on Monday helped an Islamist extremist, once jailed for threatening to kill ASIO officers, to ambush a government frontbencher and attack the Government’s anti-terrorism plans.

During the show, it also showed this inflammatory tweet at the bottom of the screen:


“Get a gun”? This tweet came from this Twitter account:


Which links to the home page of this Griffith University academic, Andrew Rock:


How suggestive of the overwhelming Leftist slant of universities.

But may I ask why the ABC thought this tweet should be aired during a broadcast about tackling terrorism – and whether the Government itself was the problem?


But ABC boss Mark Scott refuses to reform the ABC, which has an overwhelmingly Leftist bias that is unlawful under its Act and which produced the error of judgement that had it give convicted criminal Zaky Mallah help to attack a government minister.

First, Scott in a speech last night conflates giving an Islamist prime-time TV exposure with defending the right to confront Islamists without being shot dead for blasphemy:

Mr Scott said at a Centre for Corporate Public Affairs’ function. “At times, free-speech principles mean giving platforms to those with whom we fundamentally disagree.

“It was the crux of the Charlie Hebdo argument last year and, of course, the source of the maxim that was used to describe Voltaire’s beliefs: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ ”

Free speech actually means giving people the legal right to speak their mind – at least to the extent that what they say does not physically endanger others. It does not oblige you to go out of your way to broadcast the views of any idiot or criminal, and certainly not when doing so could physically endanger others.

Scott is merely hiding behind the bodies of Charlie Hebdo dead. And what makes that particularly nauseous is that this comes from the head of an organisation which has had a policy of not showing the kind of cartoons that Charlie Hebdo did, and for which its cartoonists were murdered.

To add to the insult, Scott is so clueless that he offensively implies that Abbott and other ABC critics want the ABC to be a mouthpiece of the Government – or to be as overwhelmingly pro-Liberal as it is now- pro-Labor and pro-Greens – when the critic’s real demand is that the ABC simply honour its legal obligation to be balanced:

It is the ABC’s independence from government, Mr Scott said, “that shapes the ABC as a public broadcaster, not a state broadcaster”. 

“I hope no one seriously wants the ABC to be a state broadcaster,” he said.

“We know the examples. North Korea and Russia. China and Vietnam. There are many others.”


Scott clearly has no intention of restoring balance to the ABC, as required by law.  He insults the critics and either misrepresents or completely fails to understand their arguments.

The board must sack him.

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  1. The only truth that comes out of the ABC is from around the S bend and flows into the sewers of Sydney.

  2. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the gAyBC are following the same procedure as their Islamic brethren. Make up ‘stories’ to get sympathy so they can use the same worn out victim card and deflect attention from the real problem, THEM!

    Remember cat meat sheik kicking in his own mosque door.

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